3 Reasons To Hire Thai Catering Services in Seattle or Bellevue

September 05, 2022
IN Thai Cuisine

Thai food is extremely popular in the United States, with more than 50% of all the Thai restaurants outside of Thailand located in the US and Canada. Thai food is fresh, flavorful, and amazing for catering. Thai food is sure to be a huge hit with your guests. 

To try something different at your next party or corporate event, try catering Thai food. If you are thinking about catering for your next event, keep reading for three reasons to make it Thai catering!

1. Thai Restaurants Stand Out 

Sure, your standard sandwich platter and salad may be acceptable, but it doesn’t leave your guests blown away. The standard bits and bobs are universally okay, but they fail to make a memorable impact. 

Whether you are catering lunch for your employees or are hosting an event, serving up the boring standards is a missed opportunity to make an impact with something that stands out. 

Catering with Thai food is a great option. Thai cuisine is diverse and flavorful, not limited to one type of dish or another. There are handheld options, curries, noodles, and plates, so you are sure to find several dishes that meet the needs of your event. 

Thai food catering is sure to be a big hit for your next catering event. It will make a much more positive impression than bland alternatives, and your guest will be sure to remember it. 

2. Thai Food Can Accommodate Many Different Diets 

Being able to accommodate the dietary needs of your guests is an essential aspect of hosting a successful event. The Thai diet is one of the most diverse in the world, catering to the needs of many different diets. Many Thai restaurants have a number of vegan and vegetarian options to choose from, including tofu soup, tom kha, swimming rama, and various curries! 

In addition to being vegan and vegetarian-friendly, Thai restaurants also are able to easily cater to gluten-free individuals. Your gluten-free guests will love having more options than just picking apart a sub or sticking to salad. Many Thai dishes are naturally gluten-free, including tom yum and phad Thai, so there are no substitutions or hassle needed! 

3. Thai Restaurants Have Amazing Menus

Thai restaurants are sure to have something for everyone! The menu of Thai restaurants includes everything from chicken wings to yellow curry to phad Thai to salmon. 

The picky eaters at your event can stick to the variety of fish, chicken, and steak dishes that Thai restaurants offer. Those with more expansive palates can enjoy a wide range of curries, noodles, and specialty dishes. 

Thai food is fresh, flavorful, and delicious. It is hard to find somebody who won’t enjoy something with Thai catering services. 

Try Thai Catering for Your Next Event

Thai food is an amazingly delicious choice for any event. Thai catering is sure to leave a tasty impression on your guests, leaving them happy and satisfied. Rather than the typical sandwich board, try Thai catering for your next event! For Thai catering for your next event, request a quote today!

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