3 Stellar Health Benefits of Eating Vegan

May 14, 2018
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Vegan Diets Are More Nutritious

Switching to a vegan diet, even part time, can bring you lots of stellar health benefits. By removing or reducing animal fats and proteins from your diet, inevitably you’ll begin to rely more heavily on other foods. Replacements will hopefully take the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds. These foods have more fiber and antioxidants as well as vital nutrients and vitamins.

Vegan Diets Help You Lose Weight

A vegan diet can also help you lose excess weight. Most vegan dishes have less calories than non-vegan dishes. And they also deliver soluble fiber which helps you feel full longer. Less calories and less food-intake is a great formula for losing weight.

Vegan Diets Help You Live Longer

Researchers at Loma Linda University have been conducting a study to determine if vegans and vegetarians live longer. So far the answer seems to be a resounding yes. In fact, the research suggests men and women live 9.5 and 6.1 years longer, respectively than meat eaters. Click here to read entire study. 

If you’re looking for local, vegan-friendly dining with an ethnic flair, look no further. Thai Ginger is hands down one of your most appealing options. Here are some of our most popular vegan dishes.

Fresh Rolls

Two fresh rolls made with tofu, mint, bean sprouts, green leaf lettuce and shredded carrots and wrapped in rice paper. Served with hoisin sauce for dipping.




Tofu Soup

Bean thread noodle, Napa cabbage, spinach, celery, onion and soft tofu in a clear broth. Available with tofu only.





Yellow Curry

Yellow curry cooked with coconut milk, tomato and potatoes.




What are you waiting for? Why not add some vegan dishes to your diet? Stop by Thai Ginger today. It’s good for your health! Thai Ginger Locations

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