3 Thai Curries to Die For

September 26, 2022
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In 2017, The Bangkok Post proudly wrote that Thai food is now more popular than pizza in Seattle. Since then, Thai cuisine has only increased in popularity.

From mango sticky rice to spicy Thai curries, this South East Asian cuisine won’t disappoint. Despite its reputation for being hot and spicy, you’ll find Thai cuisine caters to all flavor preferences. 

If you’re hoping to add some Isaan flare to your next curry night, you’re in the right place. Step out of your comfort zone (that means away from the Pad Thai… ), try something new! You might just discover your new favorite dish. 

Read on for Thai curry inspiration and then, get it delivered straight to your door! 

Green Curry

Although there’s a fantastically wide variety of Thai curries available, green curry is a great place to start. Named aptly to the curry paste color, it’s one of the most popular Thai curries. Thai green curry is enjoyed by adults and children alike. 

Green curry is packed with nutritious vegetables but is relatively inoffensive for fussy eaters. Although it’s not the hottest Thai curry, its rich and creamy coconut flavor is far from bland! Eat your Thai green curry with Jasmine rice for a flavor-packed cuisine experience. 

Panang Curry 

You can find panang curry everywhere in the United States and Thailand. Many Thais will tell you that Panang is one of the best Thai curry dishes. 

If you’re looking for an authentically Thai experience, outside of Thailand, order yourself a Panang curry. 

This flavor-fest is made up of a meat of your choice (most commonly, chicken) cooked with coconut milk, peppers, Thai basil, and Panang leaves. Although it’s traditionally a spicy dish, you can order it with any level of spice you like! 

Mussamun Curry

Finally, the mussamun curry. This is more common in Northern Thailand and is a beautiful Thai-Indian fusion. The mussamun curry will end every Thai curry vs. Indian curry debate – it’s the best of both worlds! 

The popular coconutty flavor that’s so loved in Thai dishes forms the base of this potato and chili curry. Again, you can choose your meat and spice level. For an authentically Thai experience, definitely order your mussamun spicy. 

Thai Curries You Should Try Today

Now you know about these three gorgeous Thai curries, surely your mouth is watering! Which curry will you be trying first? 

Fortunately, you can have Thai food for collection or delivery within the hour! So whether you feel like going to pick it up, or sitting on the couch with a movie, you’re sorted. 

At Thai Ginger, we’re dedicated to serving you high-quality Thai food when you crave it most. Contact us at Thai Ginger to order a delicious Thai curry now! 

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