3 Wonderfully Delicious Thai Appetizers You Need to Try With Your Meal

May 15, 2023
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Seattle received one of its first Thai restaurants in the mid-1980s. In turn, this resulted in a huge increase in tourists traveling to Thailand to try out their food and culture first-hand. However, many people may look at a restaurant’s menu and be confused about what an item is and what it contains. 

Appetizers are one part of the meal that can help you get a good idea of what to expect from the main Thai dishes. Three delicious Thai appetizers that you should try out include Mieng Kahm, and if you are in Seattle Washington try the Pacific Place Platter at Thai Ginger, and lastly the Angel Prawns. 

1. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chicken lettuce wrap is a Thai food consisting of lettuce and minced chicken stir fried with mushroom, ginger and Thai sauces.

This dish is a refreshing starter that is tasty and healthy. You take the chicken full of flavor and place it into a little cup you make out of the lettuce given on the side, almost like a little burger. 

This is a common dish at many asian restaurants but Thai style includes a burst of healthy flavors such as ginger and sweet soy sauce, be sure to try this at your next meal.

2. Pacific Place Platter

The Pacific Place Platter is another great option for larger groups. This appetizer includes prawns, chicken satay, and golden vegetables.

Prawns are a popular ingredient in many Thai food dishes, so expect to see a lot of them. It’s all served with sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce.  So you get to try a variety of Thai sauces.

It’s a varied offering that has a little bit of everything. There’s also more than enough food to treat a table. There are options for vegetarians in this dish as well so it is an excellent starter for your table.

3. Angel Prawns

If you want something unique, you should see if the Thai menu has angel prawns. These are egg noodle-wrapped prawns deep-fried for the best flavor. This is a finger food dish served with sriracha sauce.As for the sriracha sauce, you can expect it to be tangier in taste when compared with non-Thai versions. 

Try Out New Thai Appetizers

Thai appetizers are an important part of Thai cuisine that you shouldn’t ignore. Something like Mieng Kahm can make a great introduction to a meal and help to balance the elements in your body. You can also find more familiar options, such as crispy garlic chicken wings.
Thai Ginger has brought authentic Thai flavors to the states since 1996. We also offer catering services to the greater Seattle area. Check out our menu online to see what you’d like, and contact us with any questions.

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