4 Common Thai Food Myths You Need to Debunk

November 16, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

You might have your own love affair with Thai food but only from your own personal favorite Thai restaurant. Maybe you visit another restaurant and find it isn’t quite like the place you regularly order from. 

Shouldn’t all Thai food be the same? Isn’t Phad Prik the same no matter where you order from?

Does that make you wonder how Thai food in America varies from Thai food in Thailand? What kind of Thai food myths do you believe about the Thai food you love so much?

Read on while we debunk 4 myths about Thai food. 

1. Thai Food Equals Spicy Food

There are some who, when they order their Thai food, want it so hot that their eyes will water. Some people might even have some apprehensions about ordering Thai food because they are afraid of or have heard rumors that Thai food is spicy. 

The truth is that not all Thai food is spicy. Thais do use chilis, in a variety of forms, to add flavor and heat to their recipes. While it’s true, some dishes bring more heat than others, like anything, this is a personal preference of the Thai cooking the food.

Not all authentic Thai food is mouth-watering spicy at all.

2. Thai Food Is Vegetarian

It is true that many Thai recipes and dishes lean heavily into sauces and vegetables, in fact, not all are solidly vegetarian. Some Thai recipes use meat as part of the course. 

Often there are meat broths as part of the sauces too. Fish sauce is a common ingredient in many Thai dishes. Pork is a common meat used in many Thai dishes. 

However, if you are vegetarian, don’t despair. There are also many Thai dishes that are all vegetarian.

3. Coconut Milk 

There are some who believe that coconut milk is used in all Thai recipes. Coconut milk is commonly used in many recipes, especially in curries. Yet, it is not used in all recipes. Coconut milk is also commonly used in Thai dessert recipes.

When coconut milk is used, it comes from the flesh of fresh coconuts. Thai cooks will grind the coconut to garner the milk in authentic Thai cuisine. 

If you aren’t a fan, though, don’t despair. There are many Thai dishes that don’t include coconut milk.

4. Use of Herbs

In traditional or authentic Thai food, herbs are used in abundance. Herbs, like basil, play an important role in Thai cuisine. In the most authentic of dishes, it is used generously. 

It might be used even more generously than you might find in more Americanized versions of some Thai food. 

Don’t be afraid of the herbs you might see listed in Thai food dishes. It is part of what makes Thai food flavorful and fresh too.

Debunking Thai Food Myths

If you have ever eaten Thai food, then you probably already love it. You also know about some of the Thai food myths that make the less experienced Thai food eater miss out on some great food. 

If you’re now hungry and craving your favorite curry dish or Phad See Iew, we’ve got a plate of food waiting for you. Check out our menu and get your order in today.

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