4 Must-Try Thai Fish Dishes and Where to Find Them

June 05, 2023
IN Thai Cuisine

If you want to make conscientious dietary choices to not only remain healthy but to keep the earth healthy, consider adding more Thai food to your diet. Authentic Thai cuisine includes plenty of flavorful, decadent seafood recipes that will fill you up without impacting the local ecosystem. That’s because seafood is the most sustainable source of protein on earth—and at Thai Ginger, we think it’s one of the most delicious!

We know trying a new cuisine can be intimidating, but we’re confident you’ll find something on our menu that you’ll feel good about ordering. That’s why we’ve created this brief guide to the Thai fish options on our menu. There’s nothing fishy about the fresh taste of our most popular Thai fish dishes!

Read on to learn about the most popular authentic Thai seafood dishes and discover your new favorites. 

Seafood Curry

Curry is one of the foundational dishes in Thai cuisine. Our chefs mix curry paste, plus a delectable mixture of vegetables and herbs, to create a rich, aromatic base for proteins. Seafood, including salmon and prawns, is one of the most popular proteins found in Thai curry dishes.

Salmon Curry

Wild-caught Alaskan coho salmon is the star of our popular salmon curry dish. The base consists of rich and creamy coconut milk with a flavorful burst of bell pepper and basil. 

Pumpkin Curry With Prawns

Have you tried sweet, delicious kabocha squash? This “green pumpkin” is the foundation of our spicy pumpkin curry. This flavorful base coats delectable prawns for a flavor combination you won’t find anywhere else.

Red, Green or Panang Curry

One of the best parts of ordering from Thai Ginger is that you can customize nearly every dish on the menu with your choice of protein. Our red, green, and panang curries all go beautifully with seafood. Prawns are one of our most popular menu options, but you can also order it with a seafood combination which is a delicious seafood medley consisting of prawns, calamari, scallop and mussels. 

Signature Seafood Dishes

Our signature dishes are what set Thai Ginger apart. Our unique seafood options have customers returning again and again to try them all. 

Crab Fried Rice

Our fried rice is legendary in the Seattle area. It only gets better when we add plump Red Rock crab leg and claw meat, plus the freshest produce in the city. Add a twist of lime for a burst of extra flavor.

Halibut Cheeks

The cheek is the sweetest cut of Pacific halibut. You won’t find a more tender cut of seafood anywhere. We’ll steam them up and serve them with our delectable panang curry sauce for a life-changing seafood experience.

Ginger Scallops

Hot, sweet ginger can transform even the mildest protein into a treat for the tastebuds. We batter and deep-fry tender scallops and serve them with our signature tamarind sauce. A burst of ginger adds an exciting pop of flavor that will ensure you clean your plate.

Add Thai Fish to Your Sustainable Dinner Rotation

At Thai Ginger, we believe that everything you eat should be fresh, authentic, and kind. Choosing Thai fish and seafood dishes is a conscientious way to ensure your diet is eco-friendly. Plus, you’ll expand your palate and experience diverse flavors right in your own backyard.

Do you have any other dietary restrictions? Our menu offers a range of delicious vegan and gluten-sensitive options that are equally earth-friendly. Browse our menu and place your online order today. 

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