4 Quick and Easy Options for Your Next Thai Food Delivery Order

May 22, 2023
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According to a recent survey from Microsoft, 50% of workers are experiencing burnout from their jobs. Who wants to come home exhausted after a long day of unfulfilling work and cook a meal? If you’ve been settling for a lot of microwaved dinners lately, it’s time to find a new healthy and delicious weeknight dinner option. 

With a little careful budgeting, you can make a weekly Thai food delivery a self-care staple of your week. With the generous portion sizes at Thai Ginger, you’ll even have enough for your lunch box tomorrow! Ordering the best Thai food in Seattle is a small indulgence that makes your life easier and adds a touch of tasty whimsy to your tedious work week.

New to Thai cuisine? We’ve compiled a few of our favorite Thai food options to consider the next time you’re too tired to cook. Read on to explore the hidden gems on our Thai food menu. 

1. Thai Curries

The staple at any Thai restaurant is its curries, and Thai Ginger is no exception. The base of these savory dishes begins with curry paste and coconut milk, making them vegan and ideal for any diet. Herbs and aromatic leaves set Thai curry apart from the curries found in other Asian cuisines.

You can customize your favorite curry base by adding your favorite protein, from salmon and prawns to chicken and pork. Vegetarians enjoy tofu or veggie options. With so many varieties, you can order curry every week and never eat the same combination twice!

2. Thai Noodles

When you order from an Italian restaurant, you have your choice of noodles and pasta shapes. Did you know there is nearly as much variety in Thai cuisine? When you browse our noodle options, you’ll encounter wide rice noodles, thread noodles, thin rice noodles, egg noodles, and more. 

Thai noodle dishes range from our award-winning Phad Thai noodles to stir-fries and soups. 

3. Barbeque Options

When you think of Thai food, you might not think of barbeque, but once you start ordering from Thai Ginger, you will! Homemade dipping sauces, sticky rice, and plenty of fresh grilled flavor accompany each decadent protein. We even offer Phak Yahng, a vegetarian barbeque dish served with tangy sriracha chili sauce. 

4. Thai Specialties

If you’re nervous about trying something new, browse our Thai specialties. We’re confident you’ll find something that looks familiar! Some of our popular dishes include fried rice, stir fry, spicy Chinese eggplant, and sweet and sour chicken. 

How About Thai Food Delivery Tonight?

You work hard. Why don’t you use some of your hard-earned cash to simplify your life and treat yourself to a delicious Thai food delivery from Thai Ginger? If you order just one incredible dish each week, you’ll have sampled all the best Thai food items in Seattle in no time!
Begin your new weeknight dinner tradition tonight. Start by browsing our online menu to discover your new favorite Thai dish. When you’re ready, place an online order and skip the dishes tonight!

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