4 Reasons Why Thai Soups Are Beneficial To Your Digestive System

January 17, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

When Thai cuisine is mentioned, most people envision hot chili dishes, coconut curries, and fried rice. These are not necessarily the best foods for people with chronic digestive issues. Thai cuisine, however, includes a diverse range of simple healing soups, which are not only delicious but packed with health benefits. 

Here are four reasons why Thai soups could help people with gut issues.

1. Most of the soups are broth-based

As you may know, bone broths are excellent for healing and nourishing the gut lining. They contain nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, amino acids, and glutamine. These are not only easy to digest but also contain anti-inflammatory properties. 

Additionally, most of the soups can be prepared in an hour or less. Broths that are cooked for shorter periods also cause fewer reactions in the digestive tract.

2. They contain gut-healing roots and herbs

Galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass are among the primary ingredients used in Thai soups. Simmering them in broth allows them to release their phytochemicals and nutrients. Their oils have not only a pleasant aroma and taste, but also harbor many health benefits to the digestive system. 

Lemongrass, for example, has anti-microbial effects and effectively fights stomach infections such as H.pyroli. Kaffir lime leaves and galangal contain anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

3. Many of the soups are dairy-free and gluten-free

Some Thai soups include rice noodles and egg noodles, which can be of great benefit to the digestive system. It can also be consumed with Thai Jasmine white rice or brown rice.

White rice does not contain gluten and is low in carbohydrates that exacerbate gut issues. It is also considered a cooling food that can clear excessive heat and settle an upset stomach.

4. They are simple to make

Their simplicity contributes to the health of the digestive system. Most Thai soups do not contain harsh ingredients, which can be rough on the gut. 

An example is Tom Yum, a famous Thai soup served in most Thai restaurants. It is made up of simple ingredients that are not only easy to make, but also tasty and friendly to the gut.

Ensure you get your hands on one of these soups. They are not only filled with health benefits but will leave your mouth watering for more.

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