5 Differences Between Thai Food in Seattle and Thailand

December 08, 2021
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If you love Thai food, chances are that you eat a lot of it.

For those of us lucky enough to live in Seattle, we know that there is lots and lots of great Thai food in Seattle for us to enjoy. There are many fantastic Thai restaurants here in the Emerald City, and many offer food that is quite authentic.

However, if you’ve ever been to Thailand, then you know that American Thai food is different from Thai Thai food in many ways. They’re both fantastic, certainly, but you’ll find that they are almost two entirely different cuisines when it comes down to it.

If you’re wondering about the differences between Thai food vs American food with a Thai twist, then read on. You’ll learn a deal about the variances between the two. 

1. Portions

The most obvious difference between Thai food in Thailand and Thai food in the United States is the size of the portions. This is a major difference that you can see before you’ve even begun to eat. Of course, this is true for all food in America; we love bigger and often think that bigger is better. When we think about it, we know deep down that this is not always the case. Sometimes smaller portions are, in fact, better. 

However, if you get too large a portion of Thai food when dining out, don’t be afraid to ask for a box to bring half of your meal home to enjoy later. Then you’ll be able to have it twice, and that’s a budget-friendly way to dine out by anyone’s standards.

2. Price

Another difference between Thai food vs American food is that Thai food in America is more expensive than it is in Thailand. This can be caused by the fact that some of the ingredients are difficult to source, most of the best American Thai food uses the same ingredients as are used in Thailand, and most Thai dishes are delectable combinations of rather simple food items.

However the biggest reason for the price difference is the difference in the cost of living between the two places. Everything is less expensive in Thailand, so it should be no surprise that the food there is cheaper too.

3. Meat-Heavy Dishes

Americans consume lots and lots of meat; in fact, experts estimate that most Americans eat about 144 pounds of meat each year.  As a result, the Thai dishes served in America have much more meat in them than the dishes served in Thailand.

Meat is often the main centerpiece of even Thai dishes, but the quantity of meat in them is far smaller, and the other ingredients work to complement that component. In the United States, the majority of bites you take of most Thai dishes will include at least some meat. 

4. Spice

Although American Thai food dishes may go heavy on the meat, they often go light on the spice. Many Americans cannot handle the spice levels that are medium or average for Thai food dishes in Thailand. If you love heavy spice, then you’ll want to ask for more, more, and more when ordering Thai food in Seattle or anywhere else in the United States.

Enjoy Thai Food in Seattle

Despite the many differences between Thai food in Thailand and Thai food in Seattle, it’s easy to get a fairly authentic Thai dish in Washington state if you know where to look. We take pride in offering Thai food as it’s meant to be served; check out our menu and place an order with us today.

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