5 Thai Rice Dishes That Will Have Your Mouth Watering

June 20, 2022
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Thai people love their rice. According to the Bangkok Post, the average Thai person eats rice three times a day, and consumes around 300lbs (137kg) every year!

And they have used their extensive knowledge of rice to create some of the best rice dishes in the world. Move over Phad Thai. Now’s the time to explore the variety of tastes and textures Thai rice dishes have to offer.

Let’s check out 5 dishes that are going to become your Thai takeout go-to’s!

1. Crab Fried Rice

Thai fried rice is a street food staple, but the addition of crab takes it up a notch.

You can choose brown rice or traditional Thai jasmine rice as the base for this traditional rice dish. It combines rich Red Rock Crab leg meat with classic Thai vegetables – snow peas, onions, and tomatoes. This is a dish of delicate subtle flavors, perfect for any seafood lover.

Don’t forget to top it off with a squeeze of lime to really make the flavors sing!

2. Yellow Curry Fried Rice

Yellow curry might not be as famous as red or green. But yellow curry fried rice is the perfect introduction to this mild, sweet curry combination. We combine yellow curry paste with carrots, cabbage, onion, celery, and egg.

Plus, there’s an extra ingredient you might not have expected – pineapple. This brings bright acidity and floral notes that perfectly complement the warm spice of yellow curry.

3. Moo Yahng with Sticky Rice

Moo yahng is a traditional dish from the Isaan region of Thailand. This inland region is famous for its grilled meats. Moo yahng is a barbecued pork dish that is always served with sticky rice.

Sticky rice is one of the two main types of rice in Thailand, the other being jasmine rice. The chewiness of the sticky rice perfectly complements the richness of the barbecued pork. 

Moo yahng comes with a spicy, sweet, sour dipping sauce. Give your sticky rice and pork a little dip to fully enjoy the combination of flavors.

4. Thai Fried Rice

If you’re looking for a vegetarian dish that’s loaded with protein and subtle Thai flavors, look no further than Thai fried rice. Although it’s often served with chicken, the vegetarian version is just as satisfying. 

The egg provides richness and the garlic and green onions really make the flavor pop.

5. Mango Sticky Rice

Not only is mango sticky rice pure sunshine on a plate to look at, but it also creates an explosion of flavors in the mouth too. 

Thai sticky rice is simmered in coconut milk with a secret ingredient – a little salt. That might sound strange in a dessert, but it makes something special happen. The richness of the coconut, the slight saltiness of the rice, and the tangy sweetness of the mango combine to make the perfect bite. 

Every taste bud comes to life and it keeps you coming back for more.

Thai Rice Dishes You’ll Never Forget!

Thai food might be famous for its noodles and curries – with good reason. 

But Thai rice dishes deserve their moment in the sun. Once you’ve enjoyed the decadence of crab fried rice or ended a meal with mango sticky rice you’ll be hooked! For some of the best Thai food in Seattle, try Thai Ginger. We have all the dishes mentioned above, and so much more. Place your order today!

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