5 Unique Thai Fruits!

December 12, 2022
IN Thai Cuisine

Thailand is home to a wide variety of plants that bear fruits that may be familiar and others that you might have never heard of before! Let’s dive in and explore some of Thailand’s tastiest fruits.

  1. Snake skin fruit

While snake fruit’s reddish-brown, spiked skin may look a little threatening, it is in fact very easy to peel back.

Inside, you’ll discover a clove-like glob of juicy white or yellow pulp, which has a sweet honey taste, dashed with a little acidity.

Imagine the acidity and textural crunch of an apple, blended with the sweetness of banana and pineapple,.

  1. Mangosteen

One of my personal favorite fruits, it can be found all throughout Asia.

This delightful little fruit has a deep purple, tough skin, encasing a clove-like cluster of white, juicy flesh.

Mangosteen’s taste is very sweet, almost like a cross between a peach and a pineapple. Its texture is soft and juicy, like lychee.

  1. Santol

What Does Santol Taste Like? The pillowy white pulp of the santol – which inspired its English name, cotton fruit – has a milky and sweet flavor with floral notes and hints of tart citrus. Its taste has been compared to a milder peach or apple.

This is my favorite fruit and probably the hardest to find outside of Asia, I recommend eating the meat of the fruit with a spoon like ice cream!

  1. Langsat

They have a thin, pale brown layer of skin, coating a shiny orb of watery flesh.

A langsat’s taste has plenty of tang and sourness, with a dash of sweetness. It’s similar to a grape, and even more so a bittersweet grapefruit.

Often mistaken for Longan but the taste is very different.

  1. Sugar Apple or Sweetsop

The white or yellow flesh has a sweet, dessert-like taste and texture, similar to a creamy custard. It also has a pleasantly sweet aroma.

Sugar apples are used in purees, syrups, ice cream, and a wide range of desserts. They are also just as delicious when eaten raw.

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