5 Ways to Support Local Restaurants Year-Round

June 14, 2021
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In 2020, 110,000 restaurants permanently closed in the US. 

It’s not hard to understand why. Restaurants took a serious hit during the pandemic.

It has many people wondering how they can support local restaurants. The only way to make sure a restaurant isn’t hit too hard by the pandemic is for its customers to rally.

Bear these things in mind and you can seriously help out. 

1. Tip Generously

Many restaurants in Seattle were hit hard as stay-at-home orders were introduced. It was the same all over the US.

The best way to combat this is to tip generously, if you can afford to.

If your restaurant is working hard and doing a good job, make sure you tip. Using delivery apps such as UberEats doesn’t really help, as the tip goes to the driver.

While they deserve this too, you should try to tip the restaurant directly if you can. 

2. Order Take-Out

Ordering take-out directly through the restaurant either by calling or using their own website is one of the best ways to help a restaurant. For example, Thai Ginger offers ordering take-out directly through our website. 

It’s safe for vaccinated people to eat in a restaurant, but if you still don’t feel that way — or aren’t vaccinated — you can always check if your favorite local restaurant does take-out food.

Although ordering on a delivery app won’t get them a tip directly, this still helps. You can pick up the order in person and tip too. 

3. Tell Your Friends

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools to support small businesses. If you love a restaurant and want it to stay open and thrive, tell your friends about it!

You could also take your friends there, or have a food night at home where you get takeout from the local restaurant. Introducing the friends to it firsthand is a great way to encourage them to support the business too.

4. Post on Social Media

Another powerful tool is social media.

By sharing pictures of your food and tagging the restaurant, you can show other people how good it is. 

You can also post reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other sites. When people want to try a new restaurant for the first time, the first thing many people do is head to look at the reviews.

Many positive ones will show them they’re making the right choice and encourage them to go for it!

5. Ask the Restaurant

When you aren’t sure how to support a restaurant, you can ask.

Perhaps they do gift cards. Perhaps they need other things that their customers can give them, or support on a certain social media site.

Whatever it is, the staff should be happy to let you know — and will likely be very thankful for your help. 

Restaurants appreciate great customers. 

It’s Important to Support Local Restaurants

Support local restaurants over chains.

When the restaurant industry is struggling, your favorite chain will most likely be just fine. Meanwhile, your local restaurants need your support.

For a great local Thai restaurant in Seattle, Washington, check out our menu!

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