7 Effective Tips for Choosing a Thai Catering Company

April 04, 2022
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If you are planning in-person company events or general events in 2022, you need to find the right caterer. 2022 is projected to be a landmark year for events and gatherings. You will most likely host an event at some point.

Make your event renowned for its food, by getting Thai catering to spice up your special day. There are a wealth of Seattle catering options to choose between. You need to know how to choose a caterer from all the rest of them.

Hiring a caterer that specializes in Thai food doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you redefine your search parameters with the right information, you can make the best choice. Read on to learn seven tips for choosing a Thai caterer.

1. Know The Tastes Of Your Attendees

If you are hosting a small event, it’s easy to find out what your guests like to eat. All you need to do is ask them about food allergies, spice preferences and taste preferences. For large events, this may be more difficult.

If you don’t have an idea of what to order, just ask your caterer for their recommendation given the parameters, they would be more than happy to help!

You should try and provide as many different menu items as possible. If you know that some of your attendees are vegan, you should find a caterer with a specialization in vegan dishes.

2. Look For Authentic Thai Catering

Find a caterer who uses authentic Thai food with the right ingredients. Don’t fall for fast food caterers that mass-produce un-authentic Thai food. Authentic Thai food, from traditional recipes, tastes better and is worth finding.

3. Try A Sample

Go on a taste-testing mission and sample some of the food items on each restaurant’s menu. Let your tastebuds lead the way. The best way to know who cooks the best food is to try some samples before making a large order.

4. See How Long They’ve Been In Business

The best catering company will have been in business for a while. Try to avoid restaurants that have only been on the scene for a few years. Catering services build their reputation on the quality of their food. Choose one with history.

5. Check Online Reviews

Caterers with great food and excellent service will have reviews that reflect this. Those that lack in either department may have negative reviews. Do a quick Google search to gauge a caterer’s reputation.

6. Check Their Availability

Caterers are in limited demand. Many already have full schedules. You should always check their availability if you have a set date.

7. Think About Food Allergies

32 million Americans have food allergies. This boils down to potentially one in 10 attendees at your event. You need to check in with your food caterer and see if they offer some generic food options free of common allergens.

Things like peanuts and shellfish are common ingredients in the realm of Thai food. See if some of your catering options offer some menu items free of these things. You also may want to ask about gluten-free food.

Only Hire The Best Catering Services

Finding the best Thai catering option means doing some adequate research, and a bit of taste testing. With the tips in this guide, you can make the right choice for your upcoming event.If you want to save yourself some trouble and zero in on your best option, contact us today. We would be happy to talk to you about our catering services, as well as plan the best dishes and flavors for your event. Better yet, come in and try some of our food and see for yourself!

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