7 Great Ways to Utilize Basil in Thai Food

October 19, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

One of the most unique herbs in world cuisine, basil has an extremely distinct flavor. It can round off a dish with fresh, aromatic crispness and is used from the Mediterranean to the Far East. 

Basil has a slight anise tang and is a staple of Thai cuisine. Below, we give you 7 dishes in which you can utilize basil in Thai food. 

1. Classic Green Curry

The staple of Thai cuisine, the Green Curry, uses basil to add a tinge of herbiness to the top of this rich and creamy dish. Coconut milk, peppers, and eggplant give it the body, and it can be cooked with your choice of meat. It can also be a delicious meal with just the vegetables and brown rice to soak up that delicious sauce. 

You can try making it at home yourself. It is really easy, all you need is a good quality Green Curry paste and coconut milk for your base. If you want to cut out the fuss, then order our delicious version online

2. Panang Curry

This delightful, rich dish hails from the Thai and Malaysian border. It is best when it has a spicy kick. Traditionally served with slow-cooked beef, you can have it with or without. 

3. Pad Kee Mao

A variation on the widely known Pad Thai, the Kee Mao contains rice noodles fried in a chili sauce. This delicious gravy is finished with egg, onions, sweet basil, broccoli, and red pepper. We have won awards for our noodle dishes, so be sure to check out our menu online. 

4. Salmon Curry

This is a delicious specialty and uses the base of a Panang curry to lift a delicious slice of Alaskan Coho Salmon. If creating this at home, you can of course use any Salmon but make sure it is high quality and flavorsome to cut through the heavy spice of the Panang.

Coconut milk, bell pepper, and sweet Thai basil surround this delicious, meaty fish. It is best served with white jasmine rice or brown rice. 

5. Red Curry

The red curry is a little fiercer than its green cousin. It contains bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and rounds off with the delicious anise tang of basil. A warming, soothing dish great for any occasion. 

6. Pad Prik Khing

A real specialty dish, packed with delicious vegetables such as green beans, mushrooms, corn, bell peppers, carrot, and onion. The dish is fried in roasted chili sauce to give it a kick and topped with sweet basil. It can be cooked with your choice of meat or tofu. 

7. Halibut Cheeks

Another variation on the Panang, this one uses specialty Halibut cheeks. For anyone who has not tried them, they are a hearty, meaty fish. The cheeks however are the tenderest parts of the fish, so have a delicious succulence to them. 

This curry uses green beans, sweet basil, and bell peppers. If cooking at home, try to source high-quality cheeks from a local fishmonger. Alternatively, check out our menu of signature dishes and order to your home. 

Get Cooking

Many of these dishes are made of only a few ingredients, so have a go at making them at home. The most important elements are that you source the correct ingredients for the authentic flavor, particularly the basil Thai style.

If you don’t have time to source the ingredients or cook, then order from our site. We can have delicious, authentic Thai food ready for pickup or delivered right to your door. Get a taste of Thailand today!

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