A Guide to Pairing Thai Food and Drinks

November 23, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

Food and drink pairing is a major trend nowadays. So much so, that scientists have even attempted to create a wine pairing engine to figure out the perfect match for every meal. 

Fortunately, you don’t need a computer to tell you what to enjoy. In the case of Thai food, you can let the predominant flavors of sweet, sour, hot, and salty guide your choice of beverage. 

So, if you’re set on finding the perfect match for your next Thai dining experience, these are our suggestions for pairing Thai food and drinks.

Thai Food and Drink Traditions

Often, Thai dishes arrive at your table all at once and not one after the other. So, it’s not usual to pair specific drinks with each course.

Sometimes, Thai people enjoy a glass of jasmine-infused water or a cup of green tea at mealtimes. Yet, this isn’t necessarily viewed as an accompaniment to the dishes. Coconut water is also popular and often served in a half a coconut.

Teas to Sip With Your Thai Meal

If you’d like to enjoy traditional Asian food and drink pairings, you can always stick to Thai iced tea. This drink is particularly good at taking the sting out of our spicier dishes. 

Hot coffee consumption is rising in Thailand but it still makes up only a small percentage of the drinks market. People in Thailand drink fewer than most other nationalities, so it’s not surprising that even traditional Thai hot tea is a cold but spicy drink.  

It’s made from strongly-brewed black tea spiced with flavors of crushed tamarind, cardamom, or star anise and served over ice. If preferred you can add a little sugar and condensed milk for sweetness. 

If you’d rather stick to what you know, many Thai restaurants serve ordinary iced tea too.

Thai Iced Coffee

Thai iced coffee is a popular drink and available on almost every street corner in Thailand. It’s made from strong coffee, condensed milk, and some type of flavoring. Cardamom is a popular choice to add a warm-spice taste to the drink. 

Usually, it’s drunk as a refresher on hot days at the beach, but it’s delicious as an end to your Thai meal too.

Other Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Go With Thai Food

Citrus-infused soda or cucumber lemonades are super-refreshing and light. They’re the perfect complement to Thai salads like Som Tum or our Thai Ginger Green Salad.

Most fruit juices go well with Thai food, too. And sparkling mineral water’s a good thirst quencher to let the flavors of your Thai meal shine through.

The Best Wine and Food Combinations

If wine and food are a match made in heaven for you, there are a few blends that suit Thai food.

The sweet muskiness of Pinot Gris works well with most Thai dishes, while a sweet Riesling goes with Thai-spiced seafood, stir-fries, and salads. 

Do you prefer beer with your food? Citrusy, spicy beers go best with hot and sour Thai dishes, while beef salad is the ideal match for an ice-cold Singha beer.

The Best Thai Food and Drinks Experience

If you want to try the best Thai food Seattle has to offer, head over to Thai Ginger for Thai food in Factoria, Redmond, Sammamish, or Pacific Place. 

Would you like to start planning your drink and food pairing before you arrive? Feel free to browse our online menu and/or ask your friendly server for advice on matching Thai food and drinks when you visit our Thai restaurants.

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