A Quick Look at the Vegan Options at Our Thai Restaurant in Seattle

May 01, 2023
IN Thai Cuisine

Did you know that there are 79 million vegans in the world? This may represent a tiny portion of the global population, but it’s the largest number of vegans living on our beautiful earth in human history! 

With the increasing popularity of plant-based diets, Thai Ginger has never been prouder to offer a range of delicious vegan options on our menu. When you stop by our restaurant, you’ll never have to settle for plain steamed veggies or a boring side salad. The whole world of flavorful vegan Thai food is available to you during lunch and dinner. 

Are you ready to plan what you will order the next time you stop by? Read on to explore some of our most popular vegan Thai dishes and start salivating! 

For Starters

If you’re looking to enjoy a complete meal, including soup, salad, and appetizers, Thai Ginger has everything you need to start your meal right. Our clear broths and ginger salad dressing are always plant-based, and our veggie-based appetizers are even popular with carnivores! 

Consider starting your meal off with one of the following vegan dishes:

  • Tofu soup
  • Guay Tiew Naam 
  • Tom Kha
  • Thai Ginger green salad
  • Fried Tofu
  • Golden Vegetable
  • Tofu fresh rolls
  • Spring rolls with plum dipping sauce

You can make a meal of our delicious vegan starters or share them with your friends before digging into the main course. Many of these options are also gluten-free. 

Main Dishes and Curries 

We can easily prepare many of our most popular menu options without animal proteins. The base of our curries is already vegan without any changes. Pair this authentic vegan food with our fluffy jasmine white rice for an incredible culinary experience. 

Our most popular vegan main dishes include:

  • Cashew tofu
  • Sweet and Sour vegetables or tofu
  • Rama jay
  • Yellow curry
  • Mussamun curry
  • Panang curry
  • Green curry
  • Red curry

If you’re looking for a vegetable side dish to accompany your flavorful main course, our customers love our phad thua and swimming rama. Whatever you choose, we promise you won’t go home hungry. 

A Sweet Conclusion

It can be rare to find a phenomenal vegan dessert at your favorite restaurants, but Thai Ginger has options for you! Our customers love our black sticky rice pudding, which comes topped with vegan coconut milk for added creaminess. 

Our mango sticky rice is a popular seasonal side dish that goes well with savory courses, but some of our vegan customers prefer it for dessert, too. It’s a fresh, delicious, and sweet ending to a meal—assuming you have enough room!

The Mouth-Watering Vegan Options at Thai Ginger

When you’re vegan, ordering food sometimes involves compromise. Dining at Thai Ginger means you never have to settle for anything less than authentic Thai flavors. Our vegan options allow conscientious diners like you to choose compassion and sustainability with every bite. Is your mouth watering? Thai Ginger is about to become your new favorite Thai restaurant in the greater Seattle Area. Browse our online menu and place an online order for dinner tonight.

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