An Overview of the Most Common Types of Thai Spices

June 28, 2021
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With over 20 different types of Thai spices, it’s no wonder you want to know which ones are the most common.

If you love Thai foods and want to learn more about what makes them taste so good, you’re in the right spot!

Keep reading to learn more about the most common types of Thai spices out there.

Holy or Sweet Basil

Sweet and holy basil are both very prevalent in Thai cuisine. Sweet basil is often used as a vegetable, and holy basil is typically used in heated foods like curry. This is because holy basil only releases its flavor when it’s heated.

Basil is great in many dishes, such as some of our signature dishes 

Yellow, Green, or Red Chili

One of the most popular spices used is yellow, green, or red chilies. These are used to make the food spicy and give it a kick if that’s what you’re looking for. They can be used as whole chilies or as a powder to add extra flavor to every savory dish you dive into.

Chilies also are healthy for you because they stimulate blood circulation and have been known to fight colds and flu. You can find these chilis most often in soups or sauces next to the vinegar.

Lemon Grass

Best known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, lemon grass, is another famous Thai ingredient. You’ll find lemon grass in foods cut up, bruised, or even ground. If you order a soup from a Thai restaurant, you’ll most likely find it has lemon grass in it.

Lemon grass is easy to identify because it has yellow-green stalks and an extremely citrus aroma. When growing, it looks like green onions but has a unique flavor that tastes like a tart lemon and a bright mint.


Cumin is used in so many dishes, and it’s not a surprise it’s one of the many Thai flavors people love and enjoy. It can be found in Thai brown sauce or other Thai food and provides a heavy aroma.

The cumin comes from ground seeds and is often described as tasting like chili and is often used in tamales. You can tell something has cumin in it from its earthy and nutty taste.


Not just for vampires! Garlic is often chopped or smashed in Thai cuisine. It has a powerful and recognizable taste when you eat it.

As soon as you smell a dish, you’ll be able to tell if it has garlic in it.

Enjoy Thai Spices Today

Now that you know all about the different types of Thai spices, it’s time to go out and enjoy them! If you’re looking for something sweeter, go for the basil, and if you’re going for something spicy, pick the spicy chilies. 

Are you ready to enjoy the many Thai spices? Then be sure to place an order with us today! We offer fresh ingredients and great taste in every dish.

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