Best Thai Food in Seattle For Father’s Day Lunch

June 13, 2022
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The first Father’s Day originated in Washington in 1910. Ever since families in the USA have celebrated fathers in many thoughtful ways. 

If you live in the Seattle area, why not show your father some extra love by getting Thai food this year. Wow your dad with the complex flavors found in Thai dishes. He will love the choices and variety that Thai food has. 

Are you looking for the best Thai food in Seattle? We’ve got you covered with what to order for your Thai Father’s Day brunch in Seattle this year. 

About Thai Food 

If you have never been to a Thai restaurant before, you may be wondering what to expect. Many Thai meals have multiple dishes instead of one main course. 

Thai dishes feature meals that use fresh ingredients. You’ll also find complex flavors when you eat a Thai meal. Many Thai dishes combine different flavors to add to the eating experience. 


When you are in Seattle this Father’s Day, start your meal with an appetizer. Golden vegetables are an excellent appetizer to try if you’ve never had Thai food before. You’ll find various veggies deep fried and served with a dipping sauce. 

Another appetizer you can start with is crispy garlic wings. You’ll get a heaping plate of wings that have been marinated in garlic and other spices. These wings get deep-fried and come with a sweet chili sauce for dipping. 

Are you looking for a healthier appetizer option? If so, go with the chicken lettuce wrap. You’ll get a filling of stir-fried ground chicken, mushrooms, and ginger to wrap in a crunchy lettuce leaf. 


The weather on your Seattle Father’s day could be dreary. If so, order a Thai soup to warm you up. 

Try out the traditional tom kha hot and sour soup. This soup is made from coconut milk, mushrooms, galangal, lime, lemongrass, and cilantro. 

Try out the guay tiew naam soup for a savory treat. In this soup, steamed rice noodles are combined with green onions and cilantro for a savory flavor. 

Main Courses 

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, try out the phad thua. These spicy green beans get fried and combined with chili sauce, red peppers, and basil, you can also add your choice of protein to this dish. 

If fish is on your mind, give the salmon curry a try. You’ll love the coconut milk and curry creaminess mixed with pepper and sweet basil. 

You can’t leave your Thai restaurant without giving Thai barbecue a try! The gai yahng is a chicken marinated in turmeric and garlic. You dip this chicken in a sweet chili dipping sauce. 

Have a Fathers Day You Won’t Forget by Choosing Thai Food in Seattle

If you are looking for fun Fathers Day activities in Seattle to take part in, you can’t go wrong with visiting a Thai restaurant for lunch. Once you try Thai food, you’ll be excited to try everything on the menu! Are you looking for the perfect place to get Thai Food in Seattle this Father’s Day? If so, Thai Ginger is the ideal restaurant to try. Check out the menu or order online today for the perfect Father’s Day treat!

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