Broaden Your Taste Buds: 3 Types of Thai Soup You Need to Try

August 11, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

Soup is a food that most people turn to when they want to feel warm and comfortable. You probably have your favorite go-to soup, yet have you tried any Thai soups?

Broaden your taste buds to try flavorful new dishes of Thai cuisine. You’ll find that while Thai soup can be very flavorful, you’ll also find some comfortable tastes within the delicious soup. 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on three types of Thai soup you need to try if you’re looking to try something new. 

1. Guay Tiew Naam

One of our favorite types of Thai soup is Guay Tiew Naam. You’ll find “Guay Tiew” is Thai for noodles, and there is plenty packed into this amazing dish. This dish is loaded with Thai boat noodles that you’re not going to be able to get enough of each time you eat it. 

Another thing about this soup is that it has lots of yummy greens. You’ll find cilantro, green onions, and even bean sprouts within the clear broth. 

You can even choose between tofu or vegetables in your Guay Tiew Naam soup. It is a delicious soup to enjoy all the time. 

2. Tom Yum Soup 

Another delicious soup you can find at Thai Ginger is Tom Yum soup, and it tends to be a classic for most people.

Why you might ask? Well, it is a traditional hot and sour Thai soup that most people gravitate towards. It is served very hot, which can help to make you feel warm while eating this delicious soup. 

You’ll find some hints of lemongrass, makrut lime leaves, galangal, and fish sauce while eating your Tom Yum soup. It can be made with shrimp, chicken, tofu, or no meat at all. 

One fun fact about Tom Yum soup is that it can be very spicy, which can help to clear your nasal passages. 

3. Tom Kha Soup

If you’re looking to try some of the best Thai soups, you’ll need to take a spoonful of Tom Kha soup. It has a similar taste to Tom Yum soup and tends to be very traditional.

You’ll find one of the major differences is that it is simmered with coconut milk. Tom Kha soup tends to be much creamier because of the coconut milk, which can make it a delicious treat on a cold day. 

You’ll find most people eat this soup with chicken. Many people find that Tom Kha soup is beneficial to you as well. 

Trying New Thai Soup

As you can see, Thai soup can come in many different forms and flavors. Yet, finding one that you love can turn into the new comfort food that you turn to all the time. Be sure to try something new the next time you’re heading out to eat. 

If you’re looking for an authentic Thai restaurant with delicious soups to try, we have you covered. Be sure to check out our entire menu so you can choose between all our delectable authentic Thai dishes. You’ll find yummy spring rolls, signature crab fried rice, classic red curry, and so much more when you check out what we have to offer.

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