Cozy Fall Thai Foods

November 15, 2019
IN Thai Cuisine

Fall is here, and winter is fast approaching, which means temperatures are dropping, and it’s time to cozy up with some warm foods. Thai food is a delicious option for a cool, Fall dinner. Whether you’re cozying up with a date, sharing with your family, or just enjoying it by yourself with some Netflix. Thai cuisine features a range of delicious flavors that will suit your tastes, whether you enjoy savory, spicy, or sweet. Here are some of the best Thai foods to enjoy when you need to warm up.


Massamun Curry

There are many different Thai curry options to choose from, and any of them will warm you up on a hot day. However, Massamun curry is a particularly satisfying option on a cold day. It’s served hot and contains potatoes, roasted peanuts, coconut milk, and onion for a unique flavor combination. It also comes with rice. This dish is incredibly satisfying and can even make the most freezing day feel a little warmer.


Tom Kha

This traditional sour soup is another great way to warm up on a cold day. The unique combination of flavors is perfect if you have a cold and want to give your respiratory system a break. It has a base of coconut milk and contains galangal, mushroom, cilantro, lemongrass, and lime leaves. It’s great on its own or as an appetizer for a more filling main course.


Garlic Prawns

Prawns are an ingredient that is used in many different Thai dishes. Garlic prawns are an excellent option for a cold day because they’re so full of flavor. They’re often served with rice and vegetables for a well-rounded meal, and they can be flavored with pepper and cilantro for a nice kick.


Radh Nah

This dish is incredibly popular in Thailand. It’s a stir-fried dish that contains thick noodles and multiple types of broccoli, so it’s warm, satisfying, and nutritious.


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