For the Love of Spice: 5 Spicy Dishes to Order at a Thai Restaurant

March 16, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

Some people have a sweet tooth.

And others—well, others have what we’re going to call a ‘spicy tooth.’

You know the ones. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of those people who needs a bottle of hot sauce on the table for every meal. You always order the menu items that feature a little chili symbol beside them, symbolizing heat.

Here’s a fun fact you can reference the next time someone balks at your intake of spicy Thai dishes: consuming hot red chili peppers was recently associated with a 13 percent lower risk of death!

So, the next time your spicy tooth has a craving, try one of these authentic Thai menu items to satisfy it.

1. Phad Thua 

Also known as spicy green beans, this delicious app will get you started!

These green beans are flash-fried to perfection, then stir-fried in our famous roasted chili sauce with your choice of meat. We go the extra mile and accompany the dish with red bell peppers and Thai basil—an authentic pairing.

2. Spicy Eggplant 

With the word ‘spicy’ in the title, you know you can’t go wrong with this tasty Thai dish!

To create this small but substantial appetizer, we stir-fry Chinese eggplant in our house roasted chili sauce. Like the pad thua, we also add in a heaping of bell peppers (red and green) and sweet basil. 

3. Moo Yahng 

This is the grilled pork tenderloin you know and love—but this time, it’s marinated Thai-style. It’s safe to say this version will help you beat your winter cold!

We serve this dish with fresh, housemade, spicy chili-lime dipping sauce and sticky rice. Sticky rice is an authentic Asain side dish, also known as sweet rice or glutinous rice. Its near absence of the starch called amylose is what makes it so sticky (and delicious!).

4. Halibut Cheeks

This is not your mother’s fish cheeks.

At Thai Ginger, we steam the halibut cheeks in a spicy Panang curry sauce with bell peppers, sweet basil, and green beans. We serve it up next to your choice of Thai jasmine white rice or brown rice.

5. Pumpkin Curry With Prawns 

Don’t let the word pumpkin fool you—the spicy undertones of this dish will surely come through and balance out any sweetness.

This dish is prawns and kabocha squash (or Japanese pumpkin) in our spicy Panang curry sauce with sweet basil and bell peppers. Like the halibut cheeks, we accompany this dish with either Thai jasmine white rice or brown rice.

These Spicy Thai Dishes Will Meet Your Need for Heat

After reading this article, we bet you’re salivating!

These authentic Thai menu items will surely satisfy your craving for spicy foods. And we know one place where you can get them all under one roof.

At Thai Ginger, we serve up all these spicy Thai dishes and more.

If you’re in the Seattle area, come visit us at one of our four locations!

Or, you can order online and enjoy the heat in the comfort of your home. We’ll have you sweating in no time.

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