Gluten Sensitive Dishes Introduced at Thai Ginger

October 12, 2017
IN On the Menu Thai Cuisine

Gluten-free products and recipes are flooding the marketplace today. Supermarkets, food magazines, and restaurants alike are jumping on the band wagon. You can find gluten-free dishes, store bought items, and recipes just about anywhere.

Research estimates that 18 million+ Americans have a sensitivity to gluten. While researchers are just beginning to explore gluten sensitivity, here’s an interesting fact.

Gluten Sensitivity vs Gluten Intolerance

Gluten Sensitivity is simply being sensitive to gluten found in common foods. When you eat it, it can make you feel bad. Conversely Gluten Intolerance is related to Celiac Disease. If you have Celiac Disease you can experience these symptoms when you eat food containing gluten: depression, migraines, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, joint pain, and much more. For a complete understanding, visit

At Thai Ginger, our customers have requested gluten-free dishes. While we cannot guarantee our food will pass as gluten-free, we can promise that our new Gluten Sensitive Menu is good for people who have a sensitivity to gluten. If you have Celiac Disease, we advise you not to consume our dishes.

Take a look at our new Gluten Sensitive Menu. Thai Ginger Gluten Sensitive Menu.

You can order Thai Ginger Gluten Sensitive Dishes for Take-Out and Delivery. Order Thai Ginger Now!

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