Gluten Sensitive Menu Options for Thai Food in Seattle

August 01, 2022
IN Thai Cuisine

One in every 133 people in the US has celiac disease. And up to a further seven percent of people are gluten sensitive. That’s a total of 25.5 million Americans who can’t eat gluten. 

Despite the prevalence of gluten intolerance, those with this dietary requirement usually have very limited choices at restaurants. This isn’t the case, however, at the best Thai restaurant in Seattle. With a diverse gluten-sensitive menu, Thai Ginger makes it easy to find Thai food in Seattle that’s safe for gluten-sensitive people to enjoy.  

But what are some of the best gluten-sensitive menu options to choose from? Let’s take a look!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is Thailand’s most famous dish so it’s only right that those of you with gluten sensitivity shouldn’t miss out on this Thai-tastic taste explosion. Combining rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, and that all-important tamarind sauce, you will soon see why our Pad Thai is award-winning. That’s right, we’re not the only ones who think Thai Ginger is home to the best Thai food in Seattle!

Som Tum Papaya Salad

Unlike the leafy, boring salads of other cuisines, Thai salad really packs a punch. And none are more full of flavor than Som Tum, aka papaya salad.

This zingy dish combines shredded green papaya, Thai chili, green beans, cherry tomatoes, dried baby shrimp, carrots, green beans, and roasted peanuts in a tangy lime sauce. There’s no doubt that Som Tum is a gluten-sensitive Thai food you won’t want to miss out on!

Thai Curry Dishes

Thai food has a reputation for being flavorsome, but Thai curry dishes are on another level. The Thai Ginger gluten-sensitive menu includes several different curries, including Thai classics such as Red Curry, Green Curry, and Yellow Curry.

But you’ll also find a variety of lesser-known but no less tasty curries, including Salmon Curry with coconut milk and sweet basil, Pumpkin Curry with Prawns, and Mussamun Curry. 

Tom Yum Soup

Delicious and warming, this traditional Thai-style clear soup includes your choice of protein mushrooms, lemongrass, lime leaves, and cilantro. And the best part is, it’s one of the many Thai Ginger gluten-sensitive Thai food menu options. What’s more, for those of you who want a creamier soup we also have Tom Kha, a coconut milk soup similar to Tom Yum.. 

Sticky Rice Desserts

Rice plays an important role in Thai cuisine. So much so that a common Thai greeting is, gin khao, which is asking if you have eaten yet, it also directly translates to “have you eaten rice yet?” It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, to learn that rice also features on the Thai Ginger dessert menu. 

Luckily, gluten-sensitive people can join in the fun with delicious and hearty sweet rice dishes, including sticky rice with mango during the summer season. At Thai Ginger, we use mangoes purchased from the local Thai grocery stores in Seattle and create the sweet sticky rice from scratch. We also feature black sticky rice pudding, an aromatic warm rice dish with coconut milk as well, available year round. Yum!

Your Guide to the Best Gluten Sensitive Thai Food in Seattle 

Thanks to Thai Ginger’s diverse menu options, those of you with gluten sensitivity can enjoy the best Thai food in Seattle without fear of suffering an uncomfortable or painful reaction. 

These dishes are also available as part of our Thai catering options, making them ideal for weddings and other events where gluten-sensitive guests are in attendance. 

Now you know where to get the best gluten-sensitive Thai food in downtown Seattle. But what about if you’re looking for gluten-sensitive Thai food in Bellevue? Redmond? Or Sammamish? Luckily, those of you with gluten sensitivity can also find our amazing selection of Thai food in Redmond and various other locations in the Greater Seattle area!

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