Great Meals to Include in Your Thai Catering Order

January 03, 2022
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Outside of Thailand, America is the country where Thai food is most popular. Over 50% of all overseas Thai restaurants are located in North America.

If you love Thai food and want to get it catered, you’ll likely need some meal ideas. Thai catering is one of your best options if you plan on hosting an event or get-together. This is because Thai food appeals to almost all types of diets, and it is delicious.

There’s sure to be a meal for every guest at your event from a Thai caterer. Check out this comprehensive meal guide if you want to serve the best Thai food at your next event.

Phad Thai

Pad Thai is the staple savory and sweet Thai noodle dish that is the centerpiece of any catering experience. Often made with beef, chicken, or shrimp mixed with rice noodles, vegetables, Pad Thai has a distinct taste.

Almost all Pad Thai comes with crushed peanuts, peanut sauce, sautéed green onions, and bean sprouts. Pad Thai is excellent for those who like a spicy noodle dish that doesn’t overburden the eater. It’s also a gluten-free dish.

Phad See Iew

No Thai catering guide would be complete without the addition of Phad See Iew. In many ways, Phad See Iew is the Ying to Phad Thai’s Yang. It comes with wider noodles, is not sweet, and is very savory.

It’s also made with black soy sauce, egg and broccoli. If you’re looking for another noodle dish to complement your Phad Thai, Phad See Iew is an excellent choice.

Tom Kha and Tom Yum

No catered event would be complete without some soups. Tom Kha and Tom Yum are the flagship soups for your Thai buffet.

Tom Kha is a traditional hot and sour soup with coconut milk broth. It’s often made with chicken.

Tom Yum, on the other hand, is a clear-style hot and sour soup and is often made with shrimp.

Both are delectable appetizers sure to please your guests and engage their pallets.

Fresh Rolls for Thai Catering

At least 5% of the American population is vegetarian, and some vegetarians are sure to be at your event. Having at least one vegetarian option is essential for a successful party.

Fresh rolls are not only delicious but they can also be enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. These savory finger foods, also known as summer rolls, consist of tofu and veggies wrapped in rice paper with a delicious sauce.

Cater With Delicious Thai Food

If you can’t decide what to eat at your next event, why not try delicious Thai catering? There’s sure to be something everyone will enjoy since Thai food is as healthy as it is delicious.If you need to find the best Thai restaurant, contact us today. We can provide all the essential Thai food you need and provide you with other great Thai catering tips to keep your party guests well fed.

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