Great Thai Dishes You Might Not Have Heard Of

February 01, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

Do you love Thai food but want to try something new? Have you exhausted the menu, and ate everything twice over? Then you need to branch out and try some of the lesser-known Thai dishes. 

There is much more to taste than Pad Thai and Green Curry. To help you branch out, we provide a list of the most delicious, unique food Thailand has to offer. 

Swimming Rama

Swimming Rama is a very simple yet delicious dish. Strangely, it is becoming harder to find in Thailand as people turn to modern, new styles of cuisine. Yet this classic is a home staple that must be tried at least once.

Swimming Rama takes its name from the basic blanched ingredient, fresh, water spinach. This is then topped with juicy pan-fried chicken or pork. The whole dish is then coated in a delicious peanut sauce. 

In Thailand, you will find this as a single dish meal. So, to get the full effect, the whole thing should come poured over Jasmine white rice or brown rice. 

Pla Lard Prik

Pla Lard Prik is a fish dish that uses succulent freshwater trout as its base. Trout is a fish that needs complex flavors to really make it shine, and in this dish, it does just that. It is fried to a deep golden-brown color with earthy mushrooms and red bell peppers. 

However, the real pop in the dish comes from the juxtaposition of spicy tamarind sauce and sweet basil. Like any true authentic Thai food, it should be served over brown or jasmine white rice. 

Guay Tiew Naam

While Tom Yum and Tom Ka are widely known Thai authentic foods, Guay Tiew Naam is lesser-known abroad. It is a devilishly simple dish, that has a sharp taste wholly dependent on the freshness of its ingredients. 

The soup contains steamed wide rice noodles placed in a broth. This clear broth contains bean sprouts, green onions, and cilantro. It can then come with any other food you desire, such as extra vegetables or tofu.

Talay Paow

While Thai food has a range of complex, distinct flavors, some of its greatest dishes come from its simplicity. One of these dishes is the traditional banquet food, Talay Paow. It is the Thai version of a mixed grill using fresh seafood. 

Mussels, prawns, scallops, and calamari are grilled in a BBQ style. The smoke of the grill combines with the lime and chili sauce on the seafood, creating a delicious depth to this varied platter. 

Giew Tod

This appetizer is one that you just cannot stop eating. Tasty Red Rock crab meat is wrapped in wontons with oozing cream cheese. These hot crispy parcels are then dipped in sriracha sauce and eaten piping hot.  

Unique Food in an Instant

Luckily, delicious unique food from Thailand is now easier than ever to get in your home. All you need is a trusted, local company that delivers.

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