Hangry? A Quick Guide for the Best Thai Food in Downtown Seattle

December 28, 2020
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Thai food – it goes without saying – is our absolute favorite, but it seems like we’re not alone. Thai food ranks in the top 10 of favorite American cuisines.

If you live in the Seattle area, you probably already know how much mouth-watering Thai food in downtown Seattle is on offer — including Thai Ginger Pacific Palace if we do say so ourselves! Here’s our quick guide of the best tips to find your fix. 

Trip Advisor Is Your Best Friend

It’s an obvious tip, but a great one. Tripadvisor is great at what it does. Their ranking algorithms are transparent and user-based, so you know you’re not getting pawned off with paid-for promotions.

Whether you’re looking to eat in or eat out, Tripadvisor can help you find the tastiest food at the best price. As it so happens, we’re in the top 3 on Tripadvisor for Thai restaurants in the downtown Seattle area.

Don’t Play It Safe

What do you order from a Thai restaurant? 

If your answer is a red Thai curry, green Thai curry, or a pad thai every time then it’s time for you to expand your taste-bud horizons.

For curry lovers in particular, Thai food offers an amazing array of curries of different flavors and heats. This brings us to our next point…

Know Your Limits

If you think you’d be great on Hot Ones and want to order the spiciest dish from your chosen Thai restaurant, we can’t stop you. But a kind word of warning, you should rarely tell a Thai restaurant to make it as hot as they can.

Thai food by its very nature is generally spicier than Western food. This means authentic Thai cooking spicy will be much spicier than what your taste buds are used to. Not knowing your personal limits when it comes to spice levels can ruin a good dish. 

Don’t Forget the Sides

While we’ve just told you to expand your horizons, there’s a reason some dishes remain the most popular. If you can’t give up the pad thai or green curry, make sure to expand your horizons with sides instead. 

Sides in Thai food often go overlooked due to the equally appetizing entrees. But they shouldn’t!

There are more familiar favorites like fried tofu for the vegetarians and crispy garlic wings for the meat lovers, but get experimental with your sides! 

In particular, we’d recommend Crispy Garlic Wings, delicious chicken wings marinated with fresh garlic and spices. Deep fried until golden brown and served with sweet chili sauce. Or if fish isn’t your bag, then perhaps Satay: choice of barbecued chicken or prawns marinated in coconut milk and a mixture of Thai spices. Served with our famous peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

It can sound a little unusual, but this authentic treat comes packed full of flavor and crunch. 

Order the Best Thai Food in Downtown Seattle

Obviously, we’re biased, but we think we offer some of the best Thai food in downtown Seattle. We’d love nothing more than for you to try it and decide for yourself! You can order from us online and view our extensive and delicious menu.

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