Healing Properties in Thai Spices

November 22, 2019
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Did you know that many of the delicious seasonings and spices used in Thai cuisine have incredible healing properties? Many swear by their effectiveness, and a large number of spices can benefit both your taste buds and your health. Whether used in a popular Thai paste or on their own sprinkled into the dish, consider the following spices  which are used as unique ingredients for authentic Thai cuisine recipes:


THAI CUMIN: Therapeutic properties include stomach relief and astringent assistance.

THAI CHILLI: Contains capsaicin. It has been shown to help heart, respiratory, digestive, gas, and stomach issues.

THAI GARLIC: Effective antimicrobial properties, diuretic, expectorant, and it is shown to lower cholesterol.

HOARY BASIL: Can alleviate coughs and other upper respiratory problems.

GREATER GALANGA: Helpful with arthritic symptoms and contains antimicrobial agents.

KAFFIR LIME: The leaves, peel, and juice contain a volatile oil that is very helpful for digestion.

LEMONGRASS: Helps digestion, prevents flu, anti-flatulence, and contains antimicrobials.

HOLY BASIL: Promotes smooth digestion and helps stomach ailments.

SHALLOT: Assists digestion, relieves nausea, and prevents gastrointestinal issues.


Many cultures have known for many years about the incredibly important value of using specific herbs and spices for their medicinal properties.  Thai culture is no exception; it is a win-win situation when these great ingredients add both flavor and health benefits to your meal. Modern health practitioners have seen the proof in their patients and  studies proving the effectiveness of certain spices.


An important consideration is the freshness and quality of the spices used in your Thai dishes.

You can rest assured knowing that the seasonings and ingredients in the kitchen at Thai Ginger Restaurants are fresh, flavorful, and top-quality. The flavor of a dish is greatly enhanced by these quality ingredients, from the rice, noodles, vegetables, and protein, to the delicate pastes and specific pinches of certain spices. It takes a true food artisan to deliver it just right, and that is our goal for all diners.


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Enjoy your next delicious feast at Thai Ginger Restaurants, knowing that you may be doing an extra bit of good for your health and well being, to boot! Ask our friendly staff about more ‘spicy’ information when you stop by for delicious and authentic Thai restaurant. Contact us for takeout options available at all locations.

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