Health Benefits of Eating at an Authentic Thai Restaurant in Seattle

August 15, 2022
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Pad thai is probably the most well-known Thai food, but did you know that that’s by design? It was invented by the prime minister in the 1930s to create a national dish, and the recipe was handed out to street food vendors across Thailand by the government!

Beyond pad thai, authentic Thai food is a culinary art. It’s full of spices and flavors that will have you reaching for another bite even as your mouth is still on fire! It also has incredible benefits for the health-conscious diner.

With that in mind, our Thai restaurant in Seattle put together this guide to the benefits of authentic Thai food. Read on to learn more! 

Sticky Rice Power

The eastern region of Thailand is called Isan, and it’s known for a few things: sticky rice, and muay Thai. Some of the greatest fighters of all time have come from Isan, known for their indomitable will and unending energy. For a fighter from Isan, this energy is sometimes referred to as “sticky rice power.” 

Sticky rice is similar to sushi rice, in that it’s a variation on the standard white rice. It naturally has more starch to it, which gives it its stickiness. You can even roll it around in balls between your fingers! 

This extra starch is what gives it that extra energy boost. In a compact little package, sticky rice offers better bone density, lower inflammation, better heart health, a faster metabolism, and energy that will last you all day. 

Sticky rice is usually paired with laab or papaya salad. Traditionally, you would take a chunk of sticky rice between your fingers, roll it into a ball, and dip it into the salad to grab some of the vegetables, chicken, and sauce. 

Laab and papaya salad are both also healthy, with a good amount of lean protein, vegetables, and spices. If sticky rice isn’t for you, they pair just as well with plain white rice! 

Curries and Soups 

Thailand is also known for its variety of spicy soups and curries. Think green curry, red curry, tom yum, and panang. The spices and herbs in Thai cooking have tons of health benefits, but this is especially true when it comes to soups. 

Curries include curry powder, which is a mix of turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, and chili powder, and has the potential to help blood sugar levels, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, and improve heart health!

Thai soups at an authentic Thai restaurant can also offer similar health benefits. Tom yum has tons of essential vitamins including vitamin A and several of the vitamin B complex. It can also help aid respiratory issues and digestive problems, and reduce inflammation. 

If you’re not a spice lover, you can go for something more mild and savory like guay tiew naam, large noodles in a clear broth, or tofu soup. 

Experience the Health Benefits of a Thai Restaurant in Seattle

The health benefits of Thai food are varied and undeniable, but you don’t have to travel to Southeast Asia to experience them for yourself! Instead, visit Thai Ginger for the best Thai food in Seattle!We serve truly authentic Thai food in downtown Seattle and we stand by our commitment to quality ingredients and authentic recipes. Come visit our Thai restaurant in Seattle to taste the difference for yourself!

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