Healthy Thai Foods That You Can Enjoy in the New Year

January 17, 2022
IN Thai Cuisine

If you’re looking for new healthy dishes to add to your rotation, then look no further than Thai cuisine.

The new year is always a good time to reset and start doing things a little bit differently than you did the year before. Many people make new year’s resolutions to exercise more and eat less junk food to lose weight, but you don’t have to stop eating delicious food to be healthier. 

Thai cuisine is rooted in fresh and healthy ingredients prepared well to make something spicy, sweet, salty, and simply delicious. Today, we’re looking at healthy Thai foods that you can enjoy this new year. Keep reading and you’ll be able to enjoy eating healthy more than ever before. 

Salmon Curry

One of the best things that you can possibly eat for your body and mind is salmon. High in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is incredible for heart health and provides a cognitive boost, helping to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s. It’s also a great source of protein, vitamin B12, potassium, and iron while being low in saturated fat.

Salmon is also one of the most delicious meats that you could possibly eat. In a gorgeous, creamy Panang curry with slices of bell pepper and basil, you couldn’t find a healthier, tastier plate of delicious Thai food.

Tofu Soup

In these chillier winter months around the new year, everyone’s prone to a bit of cabin fever. One of the best ways to combat the cold weather is with a bowl of hot tofu soup with a clean, clear broth.

Our comforting tofu soup is prepared with bean thread noodles, napa cabbage, spinach, celery, and onion. Napa cabbage is chock-full of antioxidants, which work to protect the body against harmful free radicals. Spinach is an important source of fiber, which works to boost digestive health; it’s also a source of a variety of other vitamins and is abundant in iron.

Som Tum

Thai food is at its best when the chef gets to use fresh ingredients to make a healthy dish that you won’t find in any other type of cuisine. Som Tum, or papaya salad, is a simple dish made with shredded papaya and carrot, dried baby shrimp, Thai chili, tomatoes, green beans, and roasted peanuts in a lime sauce. Simple, but delicious.

Any salad that combines a mixture of fruit and vegetables is an extremely healthy choice. With the dried baby shrimp, you also have a good source of protein, antioxidants, and a variety of other nutrients.

Finding the Best Healthy Thai Food

If you’re looking for healthy Thai food this year and you live in the Seattle area, then Thai Ginger is the spot for you. With a variety of curries, noodle dishes, rice dishes, soups, and salads, you can easily find a healthy choice that fits with your new year’s resolution. Visit our site to view our menu and order now from the location nearest to you.

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