How to Order the Best Balanced Thai Meal

December 15, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

Almost everyone loves Thai food.  

The reasons for that are obvious. Thai food is simple, tasty, and diverse. There’s something in the realm of Thai food for every type of palate, and for the most part, the food of Thailand is rather healthy, too.

It’s easy to build a balanced meal when preparing Thai dishes. If you’re looking to order some of the best Thai food in Seattle, you’ll want to choose a dish that includes a little bit of everything. Read on to learn how to create a perfect meal, whether you’re making dinner at home, or ordering Thai food delivery.


Rice is a staple in Thai cuisine. Almost every Thai dish includes either sticky or steamed rice. There are a few exceptions, but the vast majority of Thai dishes start with rice, so it’s the best place for you to start when ordering Thai food as well.


The next piece of a balanced Thai meal is soup. Saucy, brothy dishes like soups and curries can add so much to a Thai meal. Depending on the level of spice that you like, this can change the profile of your meal entirely. 

What’s great about including soup in your Thai meal is that you can use it to add moisture to the other components of your dish. Mix your soup with your rice at the right level for you, and you can be your own home chef to some extent, right at your table.

The Main

Your main dish, or your primary entree, is the centerpiece of your meal. There are so many options in the Thai food realm for you to try here, including stir-fries, meats cooked on the grill, steamed fish, and even deep-fried foods. If you’re eating with friends, it’s wise to order several mains to be shared among your group.

Something Light

You’ll also want to include something light and fresh to balance your Thai meal. Whether you’re ordering the best Thai food in Seattle or Thai food anywhere else in the world, this component should be something refreshing and plucked right from the earth. Often a salad works well in this spot, but you can alternatively use fresh herbs, dips, or relishes.

A Spicy Component

Everyone has a different threshold for spicy foods, but even if you’re not a fan, something with a little kick will round out your Thai meal nicely. If you love spice, though, be careful not to overdo it in this area, either, as you don’t want this one part of your meal to overwhelm the others. Chiles are a staple in Thai food and you really cannot complete a dish without them, but if they aren’t your taste, a nicely spiced meat or soup will also stand in well here.

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