Is Thai food the perfect first-date meal?

August 26, 2019
IN Thai Cuisine

From wanting to make a good first impression to worrying about your date enjoying themselves, planning a first date can be incredibly stressful! If you have a first date, special anniversary or birthday coming up, an authentic Thai restaurant could be the perfect venue. Let’s look at reasons why a Thai restaurant makes for an ideal first date location….

1. Show off your knowledge

If you select an authentic, quality Thai restaurant, such as Thai Ginger, your date will undoubtedly be impressed from the moment the date begins as it is an indication of your superb food knowledge. If you choose a large chain restaurant for your date it suggests a lack of thought went into selecting the restaurant.

2. Thai food caters for all

In today’s modern world many people are forced or choose to follow dietary restrictions, whether for health or personal reasons. On a first date, it is important to choose a restaurant that caters to multiple palettes, such as by offering gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Thai food is incredibly versatile and can be made to meet unique preferences, making it an ideal first date spot. Please, don’t make the mistake of taking your vegetarian date to a steak house!

3. Learn about your partner

Eating Thai food is the perfect way to get to know about your partner’s likes and dislikes and choosing which dishes to share is a great way to learn about each other’s food preferences, helping you get to know each other more intimately. Authentic Thai food will no doubt inspire conversations about travel, future holidays and cooking also!

4. Time to talk

With Thai food, there is no limit to the number of dishes or courses you may wish to have. For example, you could begin with appetizers and soup before you move on to your main dishes and end, of course, with dessert. As you wait for each dish it delivers the perfect opportunity to sit and talk to your date, something that you wouldn’t be able to do on a movie date for example!

Enjoy your next first date, or any other special occasion, at a Thai Ginger restaurant! From the delicious food to the welcoming atmosphere, your date is sure to love your restaurant choice!

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