Is there non-spicy Thai food?

September 20, 2019
IN Thai Cuisine

Authentic Thai food is known to be spicy because it uses some of the hottest chilies and spices you can find. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys spicy food, making it a challenge for all to try Thai cuisines.

If you can’t handle food with too much heat, you can still enjoy Thai cuisine by choosing non-spicy dishes. Most Thai restaurants allow you to choose the level of spicy you want in your meal. At Thai Ginger, we allow our customers to choose from 0 to 4 stars, four being extremely hot. 


Here are some tips for ordering non-spicy food in Thai restaurants.

  1. Avoid curries

All Thai curries are naturally a bit spicy without any extra spice added. If your tolerance level for spicy food is low, stay away from curries. Green curry is the hottest as it uses green chilies, while red curry uses red chilies.

Yellow curry is more sweet and spicy because it uses yellow peppers. You may want to order yellow curries if you have a mild tolerance for spicy food.


  1. Try noodle soups

You can order egg noodle soup or rice noodle soup that is usually not spicy. They are both served in clear broth with green onions, bean sprouts, and cilantro. 

Restaurants can quickly whip up noodle soups to your liking because they do not require any pre-made sauces that may contain chilies. You can add peanut, fish or garlic sauce to your noodle soup for a flavorful kick.


  1. Visit restaurants that have options

Many Thai restaurants stick to cooking traditional Thai dishes, which mostly contain a lot of spices. You need to visit a restaurant that serves authentic Thai cuisine to your liking. Such restaurants allow you to include, exclude, or modify some of the fresh ingredients used in recipes to suit your taste buds.

At Thai Ginger, we have various options for gluten-free, vegan, and non-spicy food eaters. Contact us today for non-spicy food at your birthday celebration, family event, or corporate function.

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