Ordering 101: Getting The Best Thai Food in Seattle

June 22, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

Are you trying to get a taste of the best Thai food Seattle has to offer? Learn more about how to order at a Thai restaurant so that you can get a mouthwatering meal.

In this guide, we will go over some of the most delicious food and beverage options on our menu so that you can order with confidence and ease. 

Best Beverages 

To start your Thai cuisine experience on the right foot, order one of our amazing specialty drinks. A Thai tea or coffee can be a great way to try a unique spin on these classic beverage options.

Our Thai ginger citrus soda is a refreshing option for all ages. We make it using hand-pressed lemon, lime, and orange juices with soda for some bubbles. Our cucumber lemonade is another refreshing option that combines hand pressed lemons and cucumber, Thai basil, lemon-lime soda, and simple syrup for a taste you can’t beat. 

Amazing Appetizers 

There are tons of tasty apps that can get your taste buds singing. If you’re trying to get a little taste of a few Thai cuisine favorites, consider ordering the pacific place platter. This is the perfect way to please a group of people with different tastes, as it combines seafood, meat, and veggies. 

This platter has jumbo shrimp, barbeque scallops, and chicken satay for the protein lovers. There are also golden veggies, all served with a peanut and sweet chili sauce for dipping. Get a little taste of some of our appetizer favorites with this delicious option. 

Exciting Entrees 

Our Thai signature and specialty items are the best way to get the best entree possible. For a curry and seafood fusion, go with our salmon curry. This dish is full of flavor and made with wild-caught Alaskan Coho Salmon fillet

For those who aren’t fans of seafood, our crispy garlic chicken is a classic go-to that will leave your mouth watering. Our swimming Rama dish is a great option for vegetarians, combining wok-seared spinach with our house-made peanut sauce. We offer gluten-sensitive and vegan menu options to help fit our guests with diverse dietary needs.

Delectable Desserts  

If you want to try some unique Thai desserts, you’ve come to the right place. Our mango sticky rice is a seasonal option that combines sweet and savory with interesting textures.

Try our ice cream that is infused with Thai flavors, topped with coconut and ground peanuts. Choose between three popular flavors: mango, ginger, or green tea. For rice pudding fans, try our black sticky rice pudding topped with coconut milk. 

Enjoy the Best Thai Food Seattle Has to Offer

Now that you know how to order some of the best Thai food Seattle has to offer, you can have an amazing culinary experience. Try new dishes and flavors that will amaze you by trying meals you never have before. Learn more about this delicious cuisine while enjoying an amazing meal with others. 

Are you ready to order takeout or delivery? Contact Thai Ginger today for a meal you will love. 

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