Our Ordering Guide: An Overview Of The Different Types Of Curry

June 08, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine has rapidly grown in popularity in the United States.

Many people who had never tasted a Thai food before, can’t get enough of a delicious plate of Pad Thai now. However, Thai curries remain overlooked by many curry lovers. The spicy and creamy Thai style curry sauces are delicious.

Check out the different types of curry for you to order in Seattle. Let’s get started in the blog post below.

Yellow Curry

If you have never tasted Thai curry before, the yellow curry is definitely the best dish to start with the bright yellow color is from the turmeric spices and yellow mustard seeds. The yellow curry isn’t always the same everywhere.

But, you can always guarantee to enjoy a creamy taste created from the coconut milk. That’s why anyone who isn’t big on spicy cuisine, should try it!

Red Curry 

If you want to try something a little more daring, the Thai red curry is certainly recommended. 

There are stronger spices in the red curry due to the red chilies in the sauce. However, the lemongrass, coconut, and ginger mean that it’s also got a sweetness to it.

Any vegetarians and vegans should know that red curry is usually cooked with fish paste. But, if you want a spicy and sweet sauce, this is perfect for you.

Green Curry

In the red vs green curry debate, the green is definitely the spiciest you can get your hands on Thailand.

While the dish also includes coconut milk, the young green chilies make it especially hot on your tongue.

Lucky for you, you get to taste this delicious and fresh dish with a cooling bowl of rice as well. The combination is enjoyed everywhere in Thailand and beyond.

Panang Curry

Of all the Thai curry types, the Panang curry is definitely a crowd-pleaser. If you don’t want anything too spicy, the Panang curry is an excellent choice. 

While the Panang curry also contains coconut milk and spices, the peanut sauce adds more balance to the flavor.

Usually, the Panang curry also includes a bunch of various vegetables.

While very similar to red curry, Penang is usually seasoned to be less spicy than red curry and has the added ingredient of peanuts that gives it a sweeter flavor.

Mussamun Curry 

The Mussamun curry is a rich and mild sauce usually cooked with roasted peanuts. The dish often contains potatoes and beef as well.

For many Thai food addicts, mussamun curry is one of the best dishes in the world. But, you need to try it yourself before you can say for certain.

Types Of Curry in Thai Cuisine 

There are many different types of curry in Thai cuisine. The problem is picking which one you want to eat.

That’s why you need to keep returning back to Thai Ginger to try the next delicious dish on the menu.

Do you want to try Thai Food in Seattle? Get in touch with us today to order takeout or delivery!

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