Pacific Place Opens First Tea House – Capuli Club

October 16, 2018
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Capuli Club is a Seattle-based women-owned business that creates fruit-infused drinks out of imperfect produce. Pacific Place welcomes them in style on October 20th. This mini storefront will allow shoppers and Seattle visitors to enjoy a sugar-free drink while they wait for a table at Thai Ginger or explore the city.

Capuli Club is a Latin-American family-owned business with an ​incredible story. It all​ began with a passion for beauty. Co-founder Gabriela Alban embarked on a journey from the architecture world. She started dreaming up the concept for her own brand and, in late 2016, the idea for Capuli Club was born.

Capuli Club’s debut selling from a physical location began at the ​Ballard Farmers Market​. That’s where Gabriela and her mother realized they could take their skill and expertise to positively impact the throwaway culture. They decided their mission is to take imperfect fruits (slightly-bruised and ripe) and upcycle them to create a delicious, transparent and sugar-free drink selection.

Now, with the opportunity to have a physical presence in the heart of Seattle, Gabriela feels grateful for the opportunity to make a dream come true. She explains,​ “The possibility to reach out and share with many people, something I have put so much dedication and love into fills me with joy. In a way, it makes the craziness of the past two years of building Capuli worth it.”

What are you waiting for? Stop on by Capuli Club this weekend. Then, enjoy a delicious meal at Thai Ginger.

About Capuli Club

Capuli Club​ is a women-owned business based in Seattle whose mission begins with transforming how people appreciate food through the world’s natural beauty. Through their sugar-free, colorful, minimally-processed fruit-infused drinks, they want to rekindle an appreciation for natural food. After launching their mini tea house in October, they will be releasing a new subscription box called the ​Experience Box​ which will allow them to bring people together to share authentic while celebrating the arts.


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