Red, Green, Yellow: Your Guide to the Best Thai Curry in Seattle

December 21, 2020
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Did you know that people have been eating curry for over 4,500 years? It has a rich history and an even richer flavor which is why it has continued to be one of the most popular Thai dishes.

Whether you like red, green, or yellow curry there are delicious options near you just waiting to be tried.

So, if you’re living in the Seattle area and craving some great curry, look no further. The guide below explores the best Thai curry dishes you can get in Seattle.

Red, Green, and Yellow Thai Curry

If you’ve been to a Thai restaurant you’ve probably noticed that they offer curry in three different colors – red, green, and yellow. Each one offers a different flavor profile from unique, fresh ingredients. 

Curries are often served with a protein and/or rice as part of other popular Thai dishes. The curry sauce is what makes the dish vibrant and flavorful.

Red Curry

Red curry gets its vibrant red color from an assortment of spicy red chiles and seasoning. It may contain red curry paste or tomato to give it an even richer aroma and taste.

With over 20 possible chiles in the most common recipes, red curry is known to be spicy, so watch out!

Green Curry

Green curry is one of the most classic and delicious Thai dishes. The bright green color comes primarily from green chili, cilantro, lime leaf, and basil. Green curry also usually features some green chiles but is less spicy than red curry.

People love green curry because of the gentle balance of heat, sweet, and acid from the chiles, lime, and fresh herbs. Green curry is great with chicken and shrimp because it offers a punch of seasoning to the protein.

The long list of herbs also makes green curry one of the healthiest Thai cuisine dishes. 

You may also see green curry in Thai fusion dishes like pasta or sandwiches.

Yellow Curry

Yellow curry is often found with chicken or lamb as the protein although it can also be used with seafood. Most of its flavor and color comes from the spice turmeric. You will also be able to taste lemongrass, garlic, and chiles in yellow curry.

Yellow curry can be combined with coconut milk for a richer, more soup-like consistency. This is often used as a stock for stew or a rice dish.

If you’re new to curry and nervous about the spice, start with a yellow curry dish first.

Thai Curry in Seattle

So if you’re looking for the best Thai curry in Seattle, stop into one of our 4 Thai Ginger locations and browse the impressive selection of curry dishes. Whether you want a spicy red curry or a more mellow yellow curry, we have it all!

Mix and match your favorite Thai dishes and share with friends or family. Experience all of the deep, hearty ingredients in traditional Thai cuisine.

Ready to eat? Visit one of our convenient locations today!

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