What Is the Spiciest Thai Curry?

November 07, 2022
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Can you believe that the global Thai food industry is worth over $15.3 billion?

From Pad Thai to basil fried rice and beyond, Thailand has given the world all kinds of mouthwatering dishes. It’s no wonder why most people go to Thai restaurants whenever they don’t feel like cooking.

One of the most popular Thai foods is curry. Whether you’re on the hunt for the spiciest Thai curry or you’d like to learn how to mellow out the flavors, learning about your curry options can help. Read on to understand the different kinds of Thai curries.

What Are the Different Types of Thai Curries?

Most Thai restaurants will offer three kinds of curries: red, yellow, and green. Each dish gets its unique colors from special ingredients that blend together perfectly to create an amazing experience for your taste buds. Some curries have a touch of sweetness while others are super spicy or savory.

Yellow curry is often made with turmeric, green curry contains green chilis and Thai or Chinese eggplant, and red curry has red chili paste. All types of Thai curries pair wonderfully with rice, vegetables, and a protein of your choice. Eating curry is a comforting experience because it’s filling and full of nutritious ingredients.

What Is the Spiciest Thai Curry?

It’s important to know that yellow curry is mild, green curry takes it up a couple of notches, and red curry is the hottest. People who are new to Thai cuisine should start with yellow curry, then green, then red if they feel daring.

While most restaurants follow this scale, it’s worth checking with the waiter to confirm which curry is the spiciest. Different chefs could cook with other peppers that can intensify yellow or green curries.

How Can You Order the Best Mild or Spicy Thai Curries?

If you aren’t a fan of food that’s super spicy, then you shouldn’t feel discouraged from trying green or even red curries. When you’re ordering curry at a restaurant, you can tell the waiter what level of spice you’d like and the chef will be happy to customize your curry.

People who enjoy the flavors of chilies or other herbs that aren’t included in yellow curries can still eat red or green curries with the help of coconut milk. The chef can add varying amounts of coconut milk to mellow out the heat without taking away the other flavors. To also mellow out spice add a side order of rice to alleviate the heat!

You can also ask to add some kick to a mild yellow curry if you love the taste of turmeric. One of the best parts about eating at a Thai restaurant is how easy it is to customize your order.

Are You Craving Some Spicy Thai Curry?

Learning about the spiciest Thai curry will help you order at Thai restaurants. After reading this guide, you should be able to craft the perfect order. Did this article make you hungry? If so, Thai Ginger would love to treat you to the finest authentic Thai food. Check out our menu so you can figure out what you’d like to try.

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