Thai Catering: Authentic Flavors for Any Occasion

October 03, 2022
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Did you know that event planning is one of the most stressful jobs in the world? If professionals are pulling out their hair, then you surely are too!

One way to alleviate stress is to leave the cooking to the experts. But with so many options out there, narrowing it down to a cuisine (much less a specific caterer) can raise your anxiety levels yet again.

You can’t go wrong with Thai cuisine though, especially if you pick Thai Ginger as your caterer.

Here’s what you can get from Thai catering when you choose the best Thai restaurant in Seattle!


Having appetizers catered to your event is perfect if it runs all day. Your guests can then snack on these small but tasty dishes so their stomachs are never empty.

We have deep-fried delights such as fried tofu, calamari, and vegetables, as well as healthier options like chicken lettuce wraps and fresh tofu rolls.


The most famous dishes from Thai cuisine have the rich flavors of curry, so don’t throw a party without it! We’ve got several different types of curry (such as green and red), and the ingredients vary too.

For the meat eaters, we’ve got salmon and prawn. The rest of our curry dishes are vegetarian and have delicious ingredients like bell pepper, potatoes, peanuts, bamboo shoots, pumpkin, and eggplants.

We serve up our curry with fresh and hot Thai jasmine white or brown rice.

Specialty Dishes

If you really want to wow the socks off your guests, then choose from our specialty dishes. We serve up traditional Thai food, such as phad prik khing, phad bai kaplau, and yellow curry fried rice.

The options on this menu involve fresh vegetables like green beans, white mushrooms, baby corn, and shiitake mushrooms. And we use our house roasted chili sauce and creamy peanut sauce to top off many of these plates!


Are you a fan of grilled dishes but don’t want to be stuck behind a barbecue for your party? Then let us bring the barbecue to you!

We can serve up plates of barbecued New York steak, wild salmon, pork tenderloin, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. They’ll all have various Thai flavors that’ll have your guests lining up for more.


To round off a meal, you can’t forget about dessert! Choose from mango sticky rice, black sticky rice pudding, or ice cream.

Any one of these desserts will satisfy your guests’ taste buds!

Get Thai Catering for Your Next Event

As you can see, you can’t go wrong with Thai catering for your event. Not only is authentic Thai food full of complex and rich flavors, but it’s also relatively healthy compared to other cuisines.

So forget about cooking up dishes for the masses and leave it to us instead. Your guests will definitely be impressed! Want Thai food in Seattle for your upcoming party? Then contact us now. We’ll provide not just the food, but also everything else needed, such as waitstaff!

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