Thai cuisine, the perfect option for the warm summer months

August 21, 2019
IN Thai Cuisine

Summer is the perfect time to spend evenings with friends and families enjoying all of the great restaurants that the exciting Seattle area offers. The warmer weather lets us spend more time outdoors enjoying fun activities during the day and al fresco dining in the evenings. If you are finding summer the perfect time to experiment with delicious and light fare that complements the warm weather, it’s time to check out Thai food!

Get active – eat healthily

Known for its amazing blends of spices, Thai food is a refreshing option all year round, and extra special in the summer. The team at Thai Ginger are proud to provide delicious and healthy food options to our friends and neighbors in the metro Seattle area. We know how fast it can feel like summer goes in the PNW and encourage everyone to get there and enjoy the sunny days.
Of course, all of this fresh air and sunshine is sure to build up an appetite, and we find that Thai food hits the spot.

There’s a dish for everyone

Thai food is the perfect option for different types of eaters who may have a wide range of preferences or food sensitivities and allergies. There are many exciting vegan options in Thai cuisine, and a lot of the dishes are an appropriate option for those with gluten sensitivities. If you are dining with a large group of people, Thai food makes sense because it appeals to so many different palates and it is a fantastic cuisine to enjoy family style.

Refreshing yet filling

Lunch and dinner options provide a satisfying portion while remaining light enough that you won’t feel overstuffed as you get on with your day or evening activities. In addition to traditional dishes such as Giew Tod, Larb Gai, and Phad Thai you can choose to fresh fish, poultry and beef dishes as well as soup and salad options. Anyone who loves good food is in for a treat when they opt for Thai food.

Don’t let our short summer season pass you by without a few exciting outdoor excursions followed by a delicious and healthy meal at one of the area’s Thai Ginger locations.

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