Thai Food Seattle: 5 Spicy Options You Really Should Try

October 06, 2021
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Are you a fan of Thai food? Thankfully, Thai food in Seattle is known to be the cream of the crop! For those who love a kick to their meals, there are tons of spicy options you can choose when ordering Thai food.

At Thai Ginger, you can find many of these spicy appetizers and entrees on our menu. So many spicy options can be overwhelming, so this guide will narrow down the top 5 spicy Thai food options to choose from!

1) Tom Kha

Tom Kha is a delicious hot and sour soup, which can be found on our soup menu. This is a great appetizer choice for those who love spice.

Tom Kha has a creamy coconut milk broth consisting of galangal, lemongrass, mushrooms, lime leaves, and cilantro.

While Tom Kha is certainly spicy, the unique thing about the dish is that it is also sweet and sour.

2) Tom Yum

Tom Yum is another popular hot and sour soup. This dish can also be found on our soup menu.

The difference between this soup and Tom Kha is that Tom Yum has a clear broth with mushrooms, lime leaves, lemongrass, and cilantro.

Tom Yum is known to be a bit spicier and bolder out of the two soups.

3) Pumpkin Curry With Prawns

If you’re looking for a spicy entree, pumpkin curry with prawns is a fantastic choice. This entree can be found on our signature entrees menu.

Pumpkin curry consists of prawns and kabocha squash, bell peppers, and basil. The pumpkin taste typically comes from pumpkin cubes which are added to the dish.

Spicy Panang curry is responsible for adding rich and intense spice to this dish. While curry is typically always spicy in Thai cuisine, cooks will often add extra red chilis to Panang to give it even more of a flare.

4) Salmon Curry

Salmon curry is another great, spicy entree. This dish is also offered on our signature entrees menu.

Salmon curry is very similar to pumpkin curry with prawns because it is made with spicy Panang curry. It also consists of wild-caught salmon, coconut milk broth, sweet basil, and bell peppers.

Salmon curry is overall a rich and flavorful dish that spice lovers will enjoy. It also is served alongside either Thai Jasmine white rice or brown rice.

5) Red Curry

Last but not least, red curry. Red curry is by far one of the spiciest Thai options and can be found on our curry menu.

Red curry is the hottest type of curry because it is filled with red chilis which emit powerful heat.

At Thai Ginger, our red curry is made with coconut milk, bell peppers, sweet basil, and bamboo shoots. Like our other entrees, it is also served with either Thai Jasmine white rice or brown rice.

Best Spicy Thai Food in Seattle

Those were the top 5 spicy Thai food options. Next time you’re flipping through the menu at a Thai food restaurant and aren’t sure what to get, consider some of these delicious, spicy choices.

If you’re looking for Thai food in Seattle, don’t hesitate to order from Thai Ginger today! You can also dine in person at one of our locations near you.

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