Thai Food Seattle: Finding the Best Thai Soup

January 04, 2021
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When you hit up your favorite Thai food restaurant, you probably already have your favorites. But is one of those favorites Thai soup? 

There are a number of specialties that Thai chefs are known for, the varieties of soup will always make that list. There are several Thai soup options on the menu that should not get missed when you make your next order. 

So get ready to dial up for your favorite Thai food in Seattle and don’t forget to order soup too. Not sure which one to order? Read on to learn about the flavorful soup options on the Thai food menu.

Guay Tiew Naam

Guay Tiew Naam starts with a clear broth. Added to the broth are bean sprouts, green onions, and cilantro. The soup’s fortified with steamed wide rice noodles, a staple in many popular Thai recipes. 

The soup can be made to order depending on if you prefer to have just vegetables added to your soup or to add tofu too. 

This clean and flavorful soup is a nice way to start your Thai food meal. 

Tofu Soup

Tofu is a regular staple in Thai cuisine. In tofu soup, it’s just one of the stars of the dish. Tofu soup is also made with a clear broth base. 

Added to the clear broth are vegetables like Napa cabbage, celery, spinach, and onion. These vegetables cook as part of the clear broth giving it a fresh, flavorful vegetable base. Then a bean noodle is added to the broth. 

Soft tofu gets added to the soup. The soft tofu nicely takes on the flavor of the vegetable-based broth for a perfect Thai soup combination.

Tom Kha 

If you know anything about Thai food, you know Thai cooks are well known and versed in creating hot and sour soups. Tom Kha is one version of a hot and sour soup that shouldn’t be missed. 

This traditional soup starts with a clear broth and then simmers with coconut milk. To add flavor to the soup, galangal, mushroom, and lemongrass are also cooked into the broth. The soup is finished with lime leaves and cilantro adding both citrus and fresh flavor to the soup.

Many Tom Kha soup lovers appreciate adding a protein like chicken to the soup too. 

Tom Yum

Tom Yum is another traditional hot and sour type of soup. It has similar flavor profiles to the Tom Kha soup. This soup stays true to the clear base and leaves out the coconut milk. 

It also adds lemongrass, lime leaves, and cilantro. This soup also has a mushroom base and is often simmered with the mushrooms flavoring the broth.  Shrimp is a nice protein to add to this light hot and sour soup choice. 

Try the Soup When You Order Thai Food in Seattle

If you are a lover of Thai food, you probably already have a favorite Thai soup too. If not, it’s time to try one of these authentic choices when you make your next order for your favorite Thai food in Seattle.

Use the “Order Now” button in our header to get your favorites for pickup or delivery. Don’t forget to select one of our great soups for your meal!

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