Thai Food Seattle: Top 3 Curries To Try

September 12, 2022
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Did you know curry has been part of South-East Asian culture since 2500 B.C.? Curry is full of rich history and delicious spices that are found in Seattle. Many are found in Thai food restaurants.

We found the best Thai food Seattle has to offer. Trying these delicious curry dishes is something you’ll never forget. Continue reading to find out more about Thai curry.

What Are the Different Types of Thai Curry?

Thai food traditionally offers three main types of curry dishes. Red, Yellow, and Green Curry are the most common. Thai food also has many other curries such as Panang and Massaman.

All the dishes have similar base ingredient components. Ingredients curry paste, garlic, lemongrass, and shallots are in these curries.

What makes the curry dishes different is the spice levels and the color. What determines the color of the curry is the active ingredient.

Where to Find the Best Thai Food Seattle has to Offer

Thai Ginger has a great selection of Thai food West Seattle has to offer. The Thai Ginger menu offers all the curries we mentioned previously and more.

To help you decide which curry you should pick, we are going to break down our top three favorites. We are sure you’ll like all the Thai curries too.

1. Red Curry

If you like eating dishes that are generally more spicy, Red Curry is a perfect choice. Red chilies are the main component of Thai Red Curry.

Thai Ginger’s Red Curry has other ingredients in the dish, such as coconut milk and bamboo shoots. The coconut milk added to the dish increases the richness of the curry.

The Red Curry from Thai Ginger is also a great option for vegans and vegetarians. There are no animal ingredients in this Thai food dish. Additionally, it’s great for individuals with wheat and gluten intolerances.

2. Salmon Curry

On the Thai Ginger menu, they offer a Salmon curry dish. Thai Ginger serves their salmon on top of Panang curry.

Panang curry has the same ingredients as red curry, so the spice level is similar. Although, Panang is not as bright in color as Red curry. It’s also thicker than traditional red curry.

Thai Ginger’s Salmon curry dish is perfect for someone who wants diverse flavors. The Salmon is freshly caught, and you can taste the difference.

3. Mussaman Curry

Mussaman Curry is a moderately hot Thai food dish. It’s perfect for people who want to try something new and adventurous taste-wise.

Thai Ginger’s Mussaman Curry contains ingredients such as roasted peanuts and potatoes. This combination of ingredients gives Mussaman Curry a savory flavor.

Again, this Thai Ginger menu item is vegan and vegetarian friendly. It’s also perfect for others with food intolerances who want a Thai food dish rich in flavors.

Get to Know Us

We hope you enjoyed learning about a staple dish in Southeast Asia. The Thai food Seattle restaurants have some of the best traditional curry dishes.

If you want to experience Thai food for yourself, check out our menu. Here at Thai Ginger, we are passionate about our food. We want to share our love of food with you.

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