Thai Food in Seattle: 3 Signature Dishes

December 05, 2022
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2018 broke Seattle tourism records as the city welcomed 40.9 million tourists. That landmark abruptly stagnated with the COVID-19 pandemic when people stopped traveling. Now that it’s becoming safer to travel, the city welcomes more visitors again and reintroduces them to the local cuisine.

Aside from coffee, one thing Seattle knows is Thai food. Of course, Thai food in Seattle is so diverse that it can be challenging to choose which dishes are must-eats. The next time you visit Seattle, you must try these signature Thai dishes that make you feel like you’re in Bangkok.

1. Crispy Garlic Chicken

Crispy garlic chicken is an excellent dinner dish option– and Seattle Thai restaurants cook it the right way. Skilled Thai chefs make this dish by coating chicken breast with batter and deep-frying in the hot oil until golden brown.  Then, tossed with a garlicky and savory sauce and topped with crispy garlic and fried basil leaves.  

The dish is served with a choice of Jasmine white rice or brown rice. 

2. Salmon Curry

In Thai cuisine, you have many curry options. But, salmon curry is one of the most popular dishes served at Thai restaurants in Seattle, and for a good reason. Thai salmon curry is a creamy dish seasoned with bell pepper, sweet basil leaves, and coconut milk.

Although Salmon is not commonly found in Thailand it makes an excellent pairing with this curry, Thai restaurants have found a way to make a traditional Thai dish paired with the Native fish to the puget sound. The seafood flavors mingled with Panang curry are intense but not overpowering.

Thai salmon curry is ideal for people eating Thai food in Seattle who want hearty and comfort dishes. It goes well with Jasmine white rice or brown rice and hot Jasmine tea.

3. Phad Talay

Phad Talay is an authentic Thai seafood dish served over rice. It consists of an aromatic sauce with mixed vegetables, prawns, mussels, scallops, and calamari. Seattle restaurants make the sauce using roasted Thai chilis to kick up the heat in this signature Thai dish.

Phad Talay is best enjoyed by seafood lovers looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite dish. It’s excellent for pescatarians or those who want a healthy Thai food option with tons of vegetables.

Thai Food Seattle: Try Thai Ginger

You have many choices when looking for Thai food in Seattle. But, only a handful of restaurants can give you that authentic Thai experience often lacking in tourist-heavy cities.

Don’t settle for the watered-down version of these great Thai signature dishes. Come to Seattle’s premiere Thai restaurant for an authentic Thai dining experience. Thai Ginger offers these signature dishes and much more. Contact us today to place your order!

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