Thai Ginger Releases Gluten-Sensitive Dishes

July 31, 2017
IN On the Menu Thai Cuisine

Gluten can hide in a lot of very common foods. If you are sensitive to gluten you know you have to avoid grains like wheat, spelt, rye, barley and semolina. But what you may not know is that you also need to watch out for hidden gluten in processed foods.

Asian food can be especially challenging for people who are gluten sensitive. Soy Sauce is usually made from fermented wheat. And, sauces or soups are often made with a flour thickener. None of which are good for people trying to eliminate gluten from their diet.

At Thai Ginger, we understand these challenges. Our chefs have gone above and beyond to create some terrific dishes for our gluten-sensitive customers. Take a look at our Gluten Sensitive Menu.

Note: If you are very sensitive or have celiac disease, do not order the gluten-sensitive dishes from Thai Ginger. Since we do work with gluten in our establishment, we cannot guarantee your safety. We would not want you to have an adverse reaction to our food.

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