Thai gluten-free restaurant tips

August 22, 2019
IN Thai Cuisine

Thai restaurants present excellent options for gluten-free enthusiasts. This is because Thai cuisine is naturally gluten-free, providing you with an array of choices for your next birthday, anniversary, or get together celebration.

However, cross-contamination is a possibility in Thai restaurants if there are ingredients with gluten in the kitchen. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you visit a Thai restaurant.

1. Avoid egg noodles

Always go for rice noodles when ordering a noodle dish instead of egg noodles. Confirm with the chef or server that your rice noodles are gluten-free. If not, steamed white or brown rice is a safe option.

2. Avoid fried foods

Any fried food like tofu will contain gluten because its coatings contain wheat flour. You can eat fried food with coatings made of rice flour as long as a different fryer is used. If it is the same fryer used to fry wheat coated items, cross-contamination will occur.

3. Avoid soy sauce

Many Thai dishes use soy sauce, and while soy is naturally gluten-free, most soy sauces are wheat-based. Always ask your chef what ingredients are used in your food. A great alternative to soy sauce is using tamari sauce, which produces the same sublime flavor.

4. Go for restaurants that allow modifications

Most restaurants pre-make their sauces to save on cooking time. This makes it difficult to get a gluten-free meal because modifications are not allowed. Try and find a restaurant that makes sauces from scratch and can modify food according to your taste.

5. Find a Thai restaurant you can trust

Thai Ginger is an authentic Thai cuisine restaurant that you can trust to offer quality gluten-free dishes. We have a gluten sensitive menu with soups, appetizers, curries, and noodles for you to enjoy. If you want your food done right and with fresh ingredients, we are the perfect fit for you.

We offer take-out, in-house dining and catering services to all our customers. Head over to Redmond Town Center or Sammamish to eat gluten-free Thai dishes.

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