Thai Restaurant Seattle: Choosing Your Appetizers

January 25, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

If you’re a lover of Thai food, you probably have your favorites and know just how you like it prepared. If you have a favorite Thai place, you might even have the menu memorized and know just what you order each time. 

Thai food restaurants have become so popular, in fact, they outnumber Mexican restaurants across the US. If you haven’t jumped on board the Thai food craze, what are you waiting for? Are you nervous about what to order?

Check out your favorite Thai restaurant in the Seattle area and start ordering. Consider starting with appetizers. You might normally go for the entrees, but there are a plethora of delectable appetizers worth consideration.

Read on to learn about some of the great choices of appetizers from the Thai food menu.

Giew Tod

Giew Tod is similar to the Chinese version of the crab rangoon. Red Rock crab meat gets mixed with cream cheese. It’s folded between the wonton wrapper and deep-fried. 

What makes a true Thai delicacy? The Giew Tod served with a sriracha dipping sauce.

Tofu Lovers Rejoice

One nice feature of Thai food is the number of options for non-meat-eaters. There are several good tofu appetizer options to choose from if you prefer your appetizers to be vegetarian.

Many people believe tofu takes on the flavors of how it’s cooked. Fried tofu appetizer is a true winner in the department, as it’s served with traditional Thai sweet chili sauce. 

The other tofu option is a fresh tofu roll. This gets created by mixing tofu with:

  • Mint
  • Bean sprouts
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Shredded carrots

Then, the mixture is wrapped inside rice paper wraps. The flavorful, fresh rolls are served with a hoisin dipping sauce. 

Satay Options

For the meat lovers looking for an appetizer, consider a satay. You can select either fresh prawns or chicken.

This is marinated in coconut milk and Thai spices before it’s grilled. Then, the satay (think of this as the Thai version of a small shish kabob) is served with a peanut dipping sauce and vinegary cucumber salad.

Spring Rolls

No Thai appetizer selection would be complete without a few spring rolls added to your order. 

A combination of finely diced vegetables are mixed with Thai spices then wrapped in wonton papers. They are deep-fried and served hot with plum dipping sauce. 

Calamari Rings

Are you a calamari lover? Even if you have never tried it before, our calamari rings will make you a true fan. 

The fresh and tender calamari is battered and lightly deep-fried. To give it the true Thai food flare, it is served with a side of sweet sriracha sauce.

Get Appetizers From a Thai Restaurant in Seattle

If your mouth is watering, you need to call your favorite Thai restaurant in Seattle and get ordering. Don’t forget to start your order with a nice selection of Thai food appetizers. 

Give us a call today and we will get your appetizers cooking right away!

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