Thai specialties that shouldn’t be overlooked

September 25, 2019
IN Thai Cuisine

Overall, Asian food is the fastest-growing cuisine in the United States, according to the WashingtonPost. Fast growing food in the world  It’s no wonder. With more and more options, from authentic Chinese to Japanese to Korean and Filipino and Thai food, Americans are swiftly discovering just how delicious and varied Asian food can be.


Pad Thai: the American classic


The national dish of Thailand, Pad Thai, is definitely the most well-known Thai specialty in the United States. And no wonder! The mix of spicy chilis, nutty peanuts, and zing of lime is certainly addicting. But Thai food goes beyond Pad Thai, and some of the most delicious options are ones you’ve probably never tried before. 


Thai Salads: an overlooked specialty


When you think of Thai food, you probably don’t think of salads. But you should! It turns out that Thai food is perfect in salad form. Som Tum, or papaya salad, is probably the most well-known Thai salad there is. A mix of sweet papaya, fresh vegetables, dried baby shrimp, and a savory ginger dressing, Som Tum is absolutely perfect for a hot summer’s day. It’s sweet, sour, spicy, and salty — how could you resist it?


Seafood: a Thai specialty


Much of the country borders the ocean, and where it doesn’t, it isn’t far. Fresh seafood abounds. Thailand might not be known for seafood the way Japan is known for sushi, but it should be! Dishes such as Pha Lard Prik – whole boneless trout, fried, with a spicy tamarind sauce, sweet basil, and vegetables – showcases the versatility in Thai cuisine. 


Don’t pass up dessert


In the United States, rice is usually a savory side, but in Thailand, rice can be sweet or savory. Mango sticky rice is a national treasure, or try something unique with a rice pudding made of black sticky rice and topped with coconut milk. You’re sure to come back for it again and again.


Perfect for vegetarians, vegans, and people with gluten sensitivities


Going out to eat can be a struggle for people with dietary restrictions, but Thai food is a great choice. Typically, rice noodles are used instead of wheat ones, making it a great choice for people with gluten intolerance. Additionally, tofu can be substituted for meat in many applications, or left out altogether, making vegetarians and vegans happy.


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