Thai Traditions: What to Know About the Culture of Thai Food

July 04, 2022
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Thailand has a strong food culture that is unique and ancient. Food is a big part of Thai culture due to the friendly and social nature of Thai people.

There are typically 5 main flavors in all Thai food, sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. The bold flavors of Thai food are as old as the 13th century and are an ode to tradition.

Are you interested in learning some Thai traditions? Read on to learn how Thai culture reflects in their food and how to create an authentic food experience.

Thai Food Influences

Many of the flavors of modern Thai food come from ancient Thai traditions. Since the 13th century, Thai people have been eating an array of meat and seafood with rice, seasonal vegetables, and traditional Thai herbs and spices.

After these staples were consumed for hundreds of years, the Chinese brought noodles to Thailand. Thai cuisine was also influenced by the spices of India, which is evident in Thai curries.

To differentiate from Indian curries, however, Thai food incorporates its own ingredients such as Thai holy basil, lemongrass, and galangal.

Other surrounding Asian countries have influenced Thai cuisine in some ways throughout the centuries, making Thai food a fusion of flavors.

Rice is also an incredibly important Thai staple. It is eaten with almost every meal..

Thai Food Culture Is Social

Thai people rarely eat alone. Food is very social in Thailand and eating is a task that is always shared.

Thai food portions at restaurants are typically on the bigger side because they are traditionally shared. Have you ever been able to finish a whole Pad Thai by yourself?

Because Thai food is traditionally eaten in group settings, modern Thai restaurants normally offer many side dishes. This is to ensure everyone in the family gets their own favorite dish.

It also honors the Buddhist teaching that discourages the cooking of whole animals.

Presentation and Eating Style

The formal presentation of food is an important aspect of Thai culture. In Thai culture, how the food is presented on the plate is relevant to the eating experience.

A decorated plate rightfully honors the dish and shows appreciation for the cuisine. Thai food is internationally known for its exquisite presentation.

The Chinese also introduced chopsticks to Thailand centuries ago. In Thailand and a few Thai restaurants in Seattle, you can find both chopsticks and Western cutlery.

Thai Traditions

Thai traditions directly reflect Thai food culture. 

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