The Health Benefits of Spicy Thai Food

July 11, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

You’re an avid eater of spicy food and you just can’t get enough of it. If you love spicy Thai food, you’ll be happy to know that it offers many health benefits.

Keep reading to learn spicy Thai food benefits: 

Benefits of Eating Spicy Food

There are many overall benefits of eating spicy food. If it’s your favorite, you’re already reaping these benefits. If not, it’s time to dive into the spicy food world.

It’s summertime, and one of the things that get people down is the heat. Eating spicy food makes you sweat, and in turn, cools you off! 

If you suffer from a stuffy nose from allergies, spicy food will clear up the sinuses, so you’ll breathe a little better. 

Your favorite local restaurants will probably have some type of spicy food to try so you can embrace the benefits. You could always go to one of our Thai restaurants in Seattle. 

What Makes Thai Food Special?

The best Thai food is healthy Thai food. Two words. Fresh ingredients. There’s nothing better than having everything on your plate be fresh.

It will not only make your meal taste great, but it will also make you feel great. 

Some key ingredients that Thai restaurants use include brown rice and lean meat. These ingredients are healthy and will keep you full. 

Another highly used ingredient is coconut milk. It contains electrolytes and is great if you need a boost of energy. Perfect if you just worked out! 

Of course, your meal will be packed with veggies! You can count on them being fresh. Get your favorite Thai veggies!

So what makes Thai food spicy? Some of the fresh ingredients. You can find chili peppers, garlic, and ginger in some of your favorite dishes. 

Benefits of Spicy Thai Food 

A Healthy Heart

Heat is good for your heart! As long as you have a healthy balance of healthy foods.

Chili peppers have something called capsaicinoids, which studies have found lower cholesterol by breaking it down. Chilis can also lower blood pressure.

You’ll be less likely to suffer from any problems with your heart. 

Your Metabolism

Spicy foods are great for weight loss and metabolism. The capsaicinoids that lower cholesterol can also boost metabolism. Plus, ginger serves as an anti-inflammatory.

Pain Relief

Another benefit of ginger is pain relief. It helps with sore muscles and helps you feel better overall. If you have an upset stomach, ginger can also help with that. Spicy foods can also simply calm your nerves when you’re in pain. 

Immune Boosting

Another common ingredient, garlic, is great for boosting your immune system. 

Try a spicy dish at your local Thai restaurant. If you’re in the Seattle area, swing by Thai Ginger to get some great Thai food!

Take Some To Go

Have a big event coming up? We’ve even got some Thai catering for your friends and family. 

Taste The Thai Flavor

Spicy food has many health benefits. Next time you’re trying to decide what to eat, try some spicy Thai food at any of our locations in Factoria, Redmond, Sammamish or downtown Seattle. 

If you’re ready to get some benefits from the Thai food, go ahead and order dinner!

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