The Thai Green Curry Variations You Need to Try

November 10, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

Did you know that Thai green curry gets its color and name from the type of curry paste used? The paste is made with fresh green chili peppers and many herbs such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. 

Combining the green curry paste with coconut milk along with other key ingredients makes this creamy dish an absolute favorite for fans of Thai food.

There are also several variations of green curry dishes and they’re all  delicious! Read on to learn about some alternative options for this classic Thai dish.

Vegan Green Curry

Green curry dishes can be made with or without meat and completely vegan options aren’t hard to find either. However, make sure that the green curry paste used is specifically vegan and doesn’t contain shrimp paste.

Beef or chicken is typically used as the protein in green curry, but there are several vegetables that also go with the dish perfectly. Eggplant, snow peas, and bell peppers make great substitutions for meat. 

One-Pot Green Curry Chicken

Green Curry is usually served with a side of Thai jasmine rice. This variation cooks everything in the same pot! It’s a great way to quickly make green curry dishes at home. Plus, the rice absorbs all the flavors!

The first step of this dish is to cook chicken in a dutch oven or deep skillet. Set the chicken aside and then add onion, garlic, curry paste, curry powder, and turmeric to the skillet.

Once that cooks for a few minutes it’s time to add chicken broth, coconut milk, and tomatoes then heat it all to a simmer.

Once simmering, add the rice and cooked chicken. Cook on low for about 15-20 minutes and you’ve made your very own Thai green curry at home!

Green Curry With Seafood

Finding Thai green curry dishes with seafood isn’t as common as beef and chicken, but it is equally tasty. The base of the recipe doesn’t need to change to accommodate the seafood.

Shrimp is a great option that pairs perfectly with green curry. Any type of white fish like cod, tilapia, or haddock will go well with the other robust flavors. 

Green Curry Paste Substitutes

Taking the green curry paste out of the recipe isn’t ideal, but there are substitutes that can help you obtain a similar flavor in a pinch.

Yellow, red, and phanaeng curry pastes will alter the green color, but they can maintain the spiciness of the dish and produce a similar flavor.

Curry powder can be used as a substitute, but it isn’t very spicy without adding more peppers. However, the taste is much stronger than curry pastes and a smaller amount should be used.

Indian vindaloo curry paste may look red but it makes for a good green curry paste substitute. It keeps the recipe close in flavor but offers a unique twist on the dish.

Which Thai Green Curry Variation Will You Try?

Will you be trying a vegan option of Thai green curry in a restaurant or making the dish on your own at home? Will you make it all in one pot? You now have options even if you’re missing a few key ingredients.

Although, we’d love for you to stop by Thai Ginger so that we can make our version for you! We have several locations and hope to see you soon.

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